Indoor & Outdoor Social Distancing Floor Stickers for Schools

  • white arrow for one way stustem in blue circular floor sticker
  • 2m floor dots, 200mm circular floor stickers
  • rainbow colourful floor social distancing footprint stickers for schools

Indoor and Outdoor Social Distancing Floor Stickers for Schools

The outdoor stickers are printed on Alumigraphics material, this is a foil based print media, which is easy to install and can be removed after use. It is ideal for use on concrete, asphalt (tarmac), brick and on tiles.

The indoor stickers are printed on vinyl with an anti slip laminate. These can be produced in any shape or size to suit your requirements.

We can print arrows and one way system directions onto floor graphics. These can then be used in classrooms and corridors as required.

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Indoor and Outdoor Stickers for Social Distancing in Schools

Social distancing floor stickers, for use on a wide variety of flooring and surfaces , available in any shape and size, simple to install.

1m+ / 2m Social Distancing Stickers for use indoors and outdoors in schools
Quick Facts…

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Use to highlight and remind everyone of the 2m spacing on the playground, along corridors, in classrooms and on the entrances to schools.
Outdoor floor stickers will adhere to concrete (sealed & unsealed), asphalt (tarmac & pavements), tile, brick, terrazzo & vinyl flooring.
Standard "off the shelf" designs or custom printed stickers available for both indoor and outdoor stickers.
Circular stickers or foot print shaped stickers available.
We print both indoor and outdoor floor stickers
The outdoor stickers are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use even in harsh weather.
Both indoor and outdoor stickers are anti-slip / slip resistant


with textured surface, supplied as a pack of 50 pairs of mixed colours.

Enter no. of packs required. Supplied in packs of 50 pairs (£165 per pack).
Enter no. of packs required. Supplied in packs of 50 pairs (£195 per pack).


with textured surface, supplied as a pack of 100 of a single colour.

Enter no. of packs required. Supplied in pack of 100 (£185 per pack).
Enter no. of packs required. Supplied in pack of 100 (£230 per pack).


1000 x 600mm
(image 750 x 400mm)

(1 @ £28, 2 @ £24; 3-5 @ £22; 5+ @ £20 )
Total (ex. VAT)£ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about custom printed floor stickers? How to customize your classroom, corridor or playground stickers? Or how quickly we could print them? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

1Do I need to buy different sticker types for the corridors and the playground?

Indoor stickers should be used on the corridors and classrooms in schools, colleges and universities, whilst outdoor stickers would be needed to adhere to the surface of the playground.

Indoor and outdoor stickers are printed on different materials, that are specific to the surfaces that they are to be used on.

2What other products can be used to highlight social distancing in schools, colleges and universities?

Whilst indoor, carpet and outdoor stickers are the most popular products, other items include hand wash stickers, window stickers, pull up banners and social distancing bollard covers.

Please call our team for further information.


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Emily Abbott

Outdoor & Indoor Social Distancing Floor Stickers for Schools

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