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An Open Closed Sign is a form of written notification used by retailers, shopkeepers, offices and small businesses, that is placed in windows or on doors, designed to inform visitors, customers and other personnel of the opening hours of the business and when the business and premises are closed and inaccessible.

At Screenprint & Display Ltd, we produce completely bespoke open & closed signs, printed in sharp and vibrant colour to your specification and branded with your company logo. These signs then become powerful and affordable means of promoting your products, brand and business.

We are able to produce these open/close signs in both self-adhesive window vinyl or as a twistable version that comes complete with hanging cord and clear window sucker for instant and easy use. Either way, our open close signs are an essential way to inform your customers of when your business is open and ready to serve them!

We are able to cater for all requirements, from simple 'OPEN' and 'CLOSED' signs, to full colour prints complete with your company logo, telephone number, website address and social media accounts. If you don't have any artwork and would like to design something for you then this is no problem - our inhouse designers will come up with something unique and special for you!

Indeed, by having extra company information on your Closed part of the sign, your customers can get in touch with you, send an email or connect with you on your Twitter account, even when your premises are physically closed.

We've been printing window graphics, door signs, and other retail signage for over 30 years. So, why not join the long list of UK companies that have put their trust in us and contact us today!

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Printed Open Closed Signs - in full colour

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Open/Closed Signs - quick facts!

  • Fast, reliable and quality retail signs printing service
  • Any shapes available - why not go for something different. Round or triangular?
  • Full colour and high-resolution printing
  • Window self-adhesive or 'twistable' version with window sucker available
  • Easy to fit
  • Complete custom printing service available.

Open/Closed Signs - More Information & Order

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Send Artwork & Order

Enquire, Send Artwork or Order Printed Open/Closed Signs

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If you don't have artwork, please state this and we will advise with regards to any design charges we may apply.

More information

Open & Closed Signs Printing Service

We offer a comprehensive open/closed signs and retail door signs printing service, direct from your brand, design or artwork.

We offer two main types: the self-adhesive window sticker sign, and the non-adhesive 'twistable' sign that is attached to the window using a sucker, which then suspends the sign with a cord.

Which of these you choose comes down to your personal preference. The window sticker version is arguably more 'permanent' and is designed for when you don't want the information to change often. It attaches to the window and essentially stays there. The 'twistable' version, on the other hand, is turned daily to display either 'OPEN' or 'CLOSED'. Arguably, this version is more temporary and can be changed with different designs, or cards as often as you like.

Both designs can be produced to any size, quantity (if you have multiple outlets), and shape.

We are able to draw upon a variety of printing technologies, and depending upon your design, we will opt for the one that produces the most quality print. You can be assured your open/closed sign will look professional, enhancing your company brand.

Order Process

Ordering Open & Closed Signs is Easy

We print open closed signs and other retail displays using a variety of printing techniques, including UV, digital and screen printing.

To order, simply fill out the order enquiry form with details of your enquiry (approximate size, quantity and shape etc) and attach any artwork design file(s).

After approval of artwork proof, we produce your order as quickly as possible. We then dispatch your order using secure overnight couriers.

The entire process from beginning to end can take only a few days (depending on the size of the order).

What our customers say...

  • We have been using Screenprint & Display for a couple of years now. Their expertise and flexibility coupled with the team's great customer service make them our first port of call to deliver quality sticker products for very exacting clients!
    Bob Copper
  • Screenprint's customer service is 10 out of 10. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They are efficient in responding to requests and their lead-times are swift. A very reliable company with a very personable team.
    Claire Stopgate

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