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Health & safety fragile roof signs


We were approached to design print fragile roof signs by a well established construction company. They specialise in the production and installation of tailor made steel framed buildings for the industrial and agricultural sector.

Specification & requirements

The fragile roof signs would be displayed on the outside of newly erected buildings. They needed to clearly advise visitors of the hazard and provide warning of a fragile roof.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines advise that “Warning notices must be fixed on the approach to any fragile surface.


The fragile roof signs were printed directly on to 3mm white outdoor use. They were printed at our standard size of 360mm x 230mm (although all our signs are custom printed so they can be produced at bespoke sizes as required).

The boards design has the yellow warning triangle clearly visible, ensuring visitors are alerted to the potential hazard, allowing them to take any necessary precautions. The standard designs can be adapted to have additional information added if required e.g. crawler boards required.

Easy installation is required, as there will be multiple signs displayed on each newly constructed building, so the boards were supplied pre-punched with a hole in each corner.

For further details please contact our team on 01347 823 230.

Case Study - Health & Safety fragile roof signs

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