PROJECT CASE STUDY – White printed window stickers

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White printed window stickers to promote Iconic Michelin soles on footwear range

When a European retail distributor needed to successfully print the iconic image of the Michelin man, in white ink onto transparent window stickers, they knew to contact Screenprint and Display Ltd.

The window stickers advertise the range of stylish yet practical Etnies skateboarding footwear, produced using the Michelin Marana soles, and would be displayed in retail outlet windows throughout Europe.

As Screenprint and Display Ltd offer a variety of modern and traditional printing methods, they could match the requirements of the distributor and print white ink on to transparent vinyl.

It is important when printing transparent window stickers to ensure that the colours are opaque, otherwise the image can appear translucent and become difficult to view from the outside of the store. To ensure a strong image all the areas of print must be underpinned in white ink.

The stickers were manufactured using a combination of both digital and screenprinting processes to achieve the best results.

Take a look at the images below to see the finished result on display in a retailer’s window.

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Case Study - White Printed Window Stickers

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