Recyclable Roadside notices bring in the crowds

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10th January 2019
Peoples Vote Placards
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3rd September 2019

Springtime is here, and it’s the beginning of the outdoor events season.

Whether you’re promoting a festival, cycling event, steam fair, road race, or one of thousands of other events this summer, you’ll need to get your message across to the public to bring in the crowds.

Following the success of using 100% recyclable roadside advertising notice signs for their annual village Street Fayre, event organisers in the picturesque village of Alne in Yorkshire, will be highlighting this year’s Open Gardens with colourful waterproof notice boards.

The signs are printed on tough fully recyclable correx plastic, and will give years of use with the addition of a date change sticker for forthcoming years. Pictured is David Lepper, event organiser, with one of the new eyecatching signs.