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Screen Printed Stickers

Our screen print experience of 30 years gives us the expertise to work with you to produce long lasting, hard wearing and lightfast printed vinyl stickers. Uses include: labelling/branding of machinery, plant hire equipment, chemical labelling, asset marking, vehicle branding.

Supertack, permanent, semi permanent or removable vinyl stickers adhesives are available.
Single or double sided stickers
Printed in UV stable ink and cut to any shape or size.
Special pantone matched colour printing or special mixed colours are a speciality.
Useful information about sticker screen printing

Screen printing is a traditional print method which still remains very popular especially for printing window stickers and stickers which are used outdoors as they are more resilient to fading.

Screenprinting (also referred to as silk screen printing) is a process whereby every individual colour is printed separately by passing the ink through tiny holes in a mesh screen. For this reason it is possible to match pantone colours.

As each colour requires a screen it is more cost effective on larger volumes. Although it is used a lot when printing limited number of colours it is possible for full colour images to be printed using this method.

Screenprinted stickers can be printed single or double sided, enabling you to maximise promotional opportunities.

Some of the uses of screenprinted stickers;

Plant hire stickers, window stickers, membership stickers, portable accommodation, toilet hire, GB Stickers, SALE stickers and retail graphics, bumper stickers, trade associations, vehicle / van UK stickers, stockist stickers, charities, wheelie bin stickers, recycling stickers, extreme and adventure sport stickers e.g. skiing, skateboards or surf boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about our Screenprinted Stickers? How to customize your own stickers? Or how quickly we could print it? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

Why would you choose to use screen printed stickers?

Screenprinted stickers are produced by uv stable inks in pantone matched colours being squeezed through fine mesh on to the surface of the self adhesive vinyl stickers. The ink embeds itself in the material to produce a durable sticker.

Why use screen printed stickers?

Screen printed stickers will outlast any other stickers by months and even years. If you need stickers for rugged outdoor conditions, such as plant hire or machinery labelling, chemical drum labels, or other stickers needed to last in all weathers, the screenprinting process is by far the best to use. Also, the screen printing process is the most cost effective way of producing long print runs of large, or oversized stickers.

How do you print waterproof stickers?

For stickers to be waterproof, they must be printed on a waterproof material, the most popular being PVC vinyl. This is available in white or clear for printing onto.

The litho process can be used in certain instances for printing onto self adhesive vinyl, but the ink used in that process isn’t very durable, and although it is resistant to water, it isn’t light fast and will soon fade in direct sunlight. This leaves two other processes; digital or screen printing. Digital printing can give good waterproof results and is ideal for stickers printed in full colour or from CYMK artwork.

For bold, long lasting stickers printed in one or two striking colours, screenprinting is the process to use.

Can screenprinted stickers be overlaminated?

Overlaminating stickers with a gloss or matt protective clear laminate will increase the life expectancy of the stickers, as the clear overlaminated film covers the printed artwork, and stops scratching and rubbing, and gives more protection to the print.

Laminating is another process which adds to the cost of the finished printed job, but the cost is counter balanced by the extra protection that it gives.

How do you print very large outdoor stickers?

Very large stickers can be printed using large format digital or screen print processes; but which is the best method? The answer depends upon a couple of factors; the design of the artwork, and the quantity you need. Both processes are capable of printing strong colours such as black, reds, blues, greens etc, but if the artwork is complex with full colour logos or graphics, digital printing is the answer.

Screen printing is the best choice for long print runs of large stickers in one or two colours, as it is a much quicker printing process; maybe as much as 10 times quicker in the case of a single colour print job.

Can screen printed stickers be die cut to shape?

All printed stickers can be cut to any shape you choose. It is an extra process that requires a cutting tool, or die to be made. This cutter is used to stamp out the shape of the sticker using a powerful cutting platen. If the quantity of stickers is small, they could be cut using a moving knife cutter, which traces around the edge of the shape, cutting as it goes. These machines don’t need a die cutting tool, but are considerably slower than traditional die cutting.

Can screenprinting match pantone colours?

The best printing process for accurate pantone colour matching is screen printing, without a doubt. If a CYMK process is used, the pantone colour is replicated by printing a computer generated mixture of cyan (blue), yellow, magenta (pink) and black inks. With screen printing, the ink is mixed off the press in a tin to match the pantone colour chart precisely. The screen printing press then prints the mixed colour directly onto the material.

Can screen printed stickers be printed on transparent vinyl?

Clear stickers are printed by printing the artwork image onto the surface of a transparent self adhesive vinyl. Screen printing lays down a lot thicker layer of ink than any other printing process, which means that the ink isn’t see through, in most cases. This is important if you are wanting to put clear stickers on to a dark surface. Other print processes produce colours that will only work properly if the sticker is going onto a white object.

What is the best way to print white on clear stickers

White ink designs can only be printed successfully on clear stickers using screen printing, as the white ink is very opaque and solid, and still appears white when stuck onto dark or coloured objects. White ink printed by other processes is too weak, and will not great the required result.

Can Stickers be screen printed with metallic colour ink?

Metallic ink such as silver, gold or bronze can easily be printed using screen printing as the printed ink is very opaque and creates a very bold punchy colour. The metallic ink actually contains metallic pigments which dry to create a solid metallic colour. Although the colours printed are metallic looking, they are not shiny; the finish is matt, similar to metallic paint.

How do you print day glo or fluorescent stickers?

Day glow or fluorescent colours are printed just like any other colours by screen printing. Because screen printing is basically a very simple coating process, whatever ink you put into the press prints on to the chosen material, whether your choice is day glo, metallic or a regular colour.

Is screen printing a cheap option for printing stickers?

Every printing process has been developed for a reason, or purpose where it is more suited to a particular kind of print job. We always choose screen printing where the job we’re asked to print is: a simple design in one or two colours, a lot of stickers are required, and if the stickers are large in size (larger than A4) For jobs that fit these criteria, screen printing will always produce the best results, and at the most economical cost.

How do you print reflective stickers?

Reflective stickers are printed using a reflective self adhesive vinyl or film. The artwork design is printed onto the surface using screen printing or digital printing machinery, depending on how many stickers are needed, and there size. Reflective self adhesive vinyl is available in a range of colours, although the most popular are white, yellow and orange. Most reflective stickers are simple in design, as they need to be clear and bold when lit up at night by headlamps or a torch.

What are the advantages of screen printed stickers over litho or digitally printed ones?

Screen printed stickers are much harder wearing than stickers printed in any other way. The screen printing process lays down eight times as much ink as some other processes, giving very punchy, vibrant and lightfast colours. Screen printing inks are designed to be waterproof, scratch proof and to last in direct sunlight. Other benefits include the processes ability to match pantone, RAL, or any other colour references very accurately, as well as being the most cost effective process for printing large quantities of stickers for outdoor use in any weather.

How are glow in the dark stickers printed?

Glow in the dark (or photoluminescent) stickers are printed using a special vinyl that absorbs light, and gives it off again in the dark. Glow in the dark stickers are made by screen printing the simple artwork design onto the surface of the material. After dark the background of the stickers takes on a green glow, leaving the printed message there to be read, just as clearly as in daylight.

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