Double Sided Stickers

Double sided stickers, printed on vinyl, ideal for use on windows and glass.

Double sided stickers -
Quick Facts…

We print double sided stickers which are great for use retail environments.
Printed stickers Our double sided stickers are easily applied to glass and windows to great eye catching advertising.
We can cut double sided stickers to any shape, the most popular shapes are rectangles and circles.
Double sided stickers are available with either removable or permanent adhesive.

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Double Sided Stickers & window stickers

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Can double sided stickers be printed in full colour?

Yes you can have full colour printed on both sides or limited number of colours to suit your requirements.

Can the image on each side of the double sided window sticker be different?

Yes you can have either the same image or different images on each side of the sticker. This is a great way to get different promotional messages seen using the same window space.

Can the window stickers be printed in different colours on each side?

Yes you can have totally different images in different colours printed on to each side of the double sided stickers.

Will the image show through the sticker from one side to the other?

There are various different ways of producing and printing your double sided sticker to prevent any show through, please call our team to discuss your requirements further.

Could we print on to the peel off paper on the back of the double sided stickers?

Yes the peel off backing paper on the stickers can be printed on to, speak with our team on 01347 823230 to discuss your requirements further.

What is the largest printable size for a double sided window sticker?

We custom print stickers to suit your size and design requirements, however the largest width we can produce a double sided sticker is 1500mm.

Can double sided stickers be cut to shape?

Yes they can be cut to standard shapes (the most popular are either rectangles or circles) or the stickers can be custom cut to suit the shape of your design.

Can the window stickers have rounded corners?

Yes for all rectangular or square stickers we can finish with either square or rounded corners, simply advise the team when requesting a quote.

Are double sided window stickers waterproof?

Yes the stickers are waterproof.

Could the double sided stickers be printed in metallic or day glo colours?

We can screenprint both metallic and day glo colours onto the double sided stickers, please speak to our team on 01347 823230 to discuss your requirements further.

Are double sided stickers lightfast?

Yes, the stickers are light fast for approximately 3-5 years (the lifespan does depend on if the stickers are placed in direct sunlight), for further details please call 01347 823230.

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What our customers say...

  • "We have been supplied quality Vinyl stickers by Screen Print and Display for at least 6 years. Our business started back in the early ‘00’s, and quite a number of other suppliers had been used until we tried Screen Print & Display. Since then we have not need to go anywhere else. Our stickers need to be tough, with a double lamination, and very adhesive, for submerge water use. We can highly recommend Screen Print & Display for quality products, customer service, and cost."
    Lance Mitchell
  • “We give away free stickers with a large portion of orders made on the our website, so finding the cheapest price around without compromising on quality is really important to us. The team helped us place our sticker sheet order with ease and helped to guide us during the design and formatting process to make sure everything correct when it came to printing. Delivery was also quick considering the quantities we ordered! The quality of the stickers is fabulous and we’ve received some great feedback from our customers. Truly a 5* service.”
    Emily Abbott
  • We have been using Screenprint & Display for a couple of years now. Their expertise and flexibility coupled with the team's great customer service make them our first port of call to deliver quality sticker products for very exacting clients!
    Bob Copper
  • Screenprint's customer service is 10 out of 10. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They are efficient in responding to requests and their lead-times are swift. A very reliable company with a very personable team.
    Claire Stopgate

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