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Reflective Signs – custom made signs in all shapes and sizes

reflective signs
Dibond signs custom printed - dockside walk trail signs
Caution advance warning sign
Reflective road signs
reflective sign design for Farm Stay UK
Reflective warning boards
Printed Reflective signage
Reflective signs printed
reflective signs
Dibond signs custom printed - dockside walk trail signs
Caution advance warning sign
Reflective road signs
reflective sign design for Farm Stay UK
Reflective warning boards
Printed Reflective signage
Reflective signs printed

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Reflective Signs & Road Sign Printing

We have over 30 years experience, printing reflective signs in all shapes, sizes and quantities.

Supplying councils, contractors and organisations, throughout the UK, with temporary surface dressing, no road markings, max speed 20, skid risk etc. road signs in a weatherproof, reflective material.

  • Short to mid term outdoor use
  • Reflective road sign faces are available in white, yellow or red
  • Class RA1 and class RA2 reflective signs printed on correx, foamex and ACM dibond
  • 1050 x 750 reflective sign specialists with 100s in stock
  • We offer both self adhesive or rigid signs
  • Fast turn around
  • Delivered throughout the UK

We can make Reflective Signs in any shape, size and quantity.

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Reflective signs light up, giving clear direction, information and message, in the darkest of nights.

Using industry tested retro-reflective sign faces, our bespoke printed signs keep on working, into the long hours of darkness.

Although reflective signs are most commonly used for road side uses, adding reflectivity makes signs much more visible than standard non-reflective alternatives.

They have uses in general safety, information and vehicle liveries, as well as creating marketing opportunities adding visibility after the sun has gone down.

Reflective signs are categorised by the amount of reflectivity that the illuminated sign gives back to the light source shone onto it.

Generally, Class 2 honeycomb reflective is superior to Class 1, Class 1 has more reflectivity than the basic Engineering grade, although each has it’s uses and applications.

The first retro-reflective sheeting was based on a technology using glass beads backed up with a reflective coating behind these beads. More up to date production methods now allow polymer plastics to be used, and to much more effect.

The main requirement of any reflective sign is to be illuminated back into the direction that the light source comes from.

If reflective signs were simply mirrors, then the light would bounce off into an opposite direction, unless lit absolutely square on. With the majority of reflective signs being used at the roadside, the reflective surface can be hit with headlamps at an angle, and still reflect back to the light source. This is due to the beads, or prisms in the surface.

Here’s where we come to our first hurdle. If road signs reflected light the way mirrors reflect light, you would not be able to see them at night. When you drive past a road sign at night, the sign is usually located to the right or the left of the road.

Reflectorized signage can be used for a variety of purposes including; to inform and highlight information and company details, this could be access details, to draw attention to site security, health & safety signage and industry site boards. Custom reflective signs are often used to warn of hazards and potential dangers especially after dark e.g. road signs.

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Want to find out more about custom printed reflective signs, or how quickly we could print them? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

How are reflective signs printed?

Reflective sign boards are printed by printing either transparent colour, or opaque black ink, printed onto a reflective material.

The vast majority are printed onto a white background, although yellow very common for road signs.

If transparent colours of ink are printed onto a white reflective base, the light passes through the coloured ink, and bounces back off the underlying reflective surface, which lights up the colour, so you see illuminated coloured print.

If black artwork or text is printed onto either reflective white, or coloured reflective, no light passes through the opaque ink and so the print doesn’t illuminate, whereas all of the surrounding background does.

What is RA1 Reflective?

RA1 is a lower, cheaper grade of reflective material, that is used for temporary road signs, branding or promotional signage

What is RA2 Reflective?

RA2 is a higher specification of reflective material, that is used for permanent road signs and reflective graphics for emergency services and other vehicles.

How long do reflective signs work for?

The signs are made of a reflective material with ink printed onto the surface. Being outdoor signs, they are entirely waterproof and will last for years until the print eventually fades, although this would take many years.

They can easily be wiped on washed, and will be as good as new.

Do reflective warning signs work in the daytime?

Although these signs are designed to be used in the dark, they work as normal printed signs in the daytime.

Are reflective signs expensive?

If you require small numbers of custom signs, they could work out relatively expensive to have produced. If you need 100s or 1000s of signs, they become very competitively priced.

Can reflective signs be made in A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes?

All our signs can be made in any size or quantity.

Can reflective signs be circular, rectangular or square?

Yes they can easily be made in any standard or custom shape, and at any size and quantity.

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