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Loose chipping reflective temporary Correx® Road Sign

Reflective Correx® Road Signs

Reflective Correx® Temporary Road Signs Custom made

We design, print and supply Correx® temporary road signs for surface dressing, road maintenance, and traffic management works..

  • Industry prices
  • Fast delivery dates.
  • Available finishes: non reflective, class RA1 or class RA2 reflective.
  • Printed in weatherproof ink on tough exterior grade 100% recyclable corrugated plastic.
  • Fast turnaround and delivery throughout the UK

We offer a bespoke sign printing service and can supply signs to your own design and specification, in any quantities.

Easy to install, custom printed for short to mid term outdoor traffic management.

We can make Reflective Correx® Temporary Road Signs in any quantity.

If you’d like advice or prices, please call our team on 01347 823 230  or message us now.

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Get in touch with the team at Screenprint & Display today to talk about your Correx® signs and boards. The team are here to help!

Please call us on 01347 823 230 or message us now.

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Yes. The RSTA specifications document is there for your guidance, to enable you to give us the correct details of the signs that you require printing. We hold all relevant symbols, templates, typefaces, designs and styles to enable us to create your sign artwork and proofs.

All printing and production is done in our factory in North Yorkshire, and we deliver signs throughout the UK from here.

Yes temporary road signs are available with either a reflective or non reflective finish. The reflective sign faces can have either RA1 (class 1) or Ra2 (class 2) honeycomb finish.

The colour of the sign faces is dependent upon the design and message, and in accordance with
the current RSTA signage guidelines.

Don’t be confused regarding the ‘backing board’ and the’ reverse’ of the sign. The backing board is the background finish of the face of the sign, which may need to be grey or fluorescent yellow.

Whereas the reverse is the actual back of the sign, which may need to be grey rather than white even through there is no message displayed.

Yellow road signs provide extra warning notifications. The yellow is used to emphasise the warning sign and highlights the need to pay attention to the message on the sign. Yellow is often used on the background of signs for diversions, parking suspension, events etc…

Please refer to the RSTA and Traffic signs manual for regulations and current signage guidelines. There are various background colours used on road signage including: white, yellow, blue, and green. Red triangles with a white background and black symbol are used on many warning signs and red circles, with a white background are commonly used for prohibition signs.

The font used on UK road signs is transport medium or transport heavy (created by Jock Kennier and Margaret Calvert). Please see RSTA sign guidelines.

Please call our team on 01347 823 230 if you would like a quotation for printing your temporary Correx® road signs. The price depends on several factors, including the sign design, size and quantity required. Because our signs are made to order, we do require a minimum order.

The size of the board is determined by the required wording and design.

Surface dressing signs bearing a warning triangle and supplementary plate are determined by the height of the actual triangle, being either 600mm, 750mm and 900mm. The size of triangle is again determined by the type of road where it is going to be used. (Please see RSTA sign guidelines).

We also supply surface dressing signs of the standard 1050 x 750mm size in all wordings, as well as signs of bespoke sizes.

This depends upon a number of factors. Please refer to the RSTA guidelines for all sizing, sign guidelines and requirements, it’s very comprehensive, and will give you all the information that you need to place your order with us.


Temporary road signs are often produced on Correx® . Correx® is a waterproof, lightweight, corrugated plastic that is 100% recyclable, making it an ideal choice for temporary outdoor signage.

According to RSTA guidelines the temporary road signs should be grey on the reverse. Please refer to RSTA for current requirements.

We cannot provide information regarding the legal requirements for road signage, we would recommend referring to the current RSTA guidelines and traffic signs manual. This was written in the ADEPT/RSTA Code of practice for signing at surface dressing sites, January 2017 (pg 11, SD6.13) : “Where signs are combined at a single location onto one piece of sheet material, the surrounding material to the sign(s), the “backing board” must only be fluorescent yellow or non-reflective grey. White is not permitted as a surrounding background to the sign”.

Loose chippings on the road, maximum speed limit, advance warning, roadworks ahead and skid risk are all temporary Correx® signs that we have printed for surface dressing contractors. When and where they are displayed depends on various factors including the type of road, location, and speed limit. We cannot advise regarding any legal requirements and would recommend you refer to the current regulations from the RSTA.

MD David Willis recounts how we were the pioneers in the production of Correx plastic temporary road signs for the road surface dressing industry


‘We were originally asked by the Highways Department of North Yorkshire Council if we could print ’20mph triangle’ road signs for their summer road resurfacing programme in about 1995. They wanted a large quantity of cheap signs, that didn’t have any scrap value, unlike the old aluminium ones that everybody used to use. They were very expensive to replace when they were pinched. The signs would only need to last a few weeks over the summer season, and were to be fastened to wooden stakes in the roadside verges, and so we came up with the idea of using 4mm thick corrugated plastic, with the flutes/lines running horizontally, so they would be robust in the wind.

The signs that we produced were 900 x 700mm in size, and the red triangle was actually printed in a very bright dayglo red, nothing like the signs of today.

Having proved successful, we started to send sample boards to other local Council Highway Departments all over the UK, and the orders came rolling in.
Because we have very fast automatic screenprinting machines with conveyor belt driers, we could produce hundreds of boards an hour!

In later years we developed ways of producing very reasonably priced class 1 and class 2 honeycomb reflective laminate boards on Correx® , of which we are probably now the leading suppliers of in the UK.

As most Councils have now outsourced the surface dressing of roads to specialist contractors, they now make up a good deal of our temporary road sign customers’


Some of the brands we work with, or on behalf of

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