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Light Fast Stickers -
Quick Facts…

Our Lightfast Stickers are printed in UV stable inks which are fade resistant and durable in all conditions.
To achieve lightfastness, special UV inks are printed that have a high blue wool scale lightproof rating.
Fade resistance is a very important consideration in the printing of window stickers or those that will receive a lot of direct sunlight.
We specialise in the printing of stickers that are suitable for all conditions. Our stickers are fully weatherproof and will resist the most brutal weather.
Specialist printing of pantone matched (PMS) colours, as well as full colour CMYK printing.
Ask us for samples for your own testing.
We make fade resistant stickers of all descriptions and specifications. No minimum or maximum print runs.
Our stickers will give several years of use.
We can produce stickers of any shape or quantity and specialise in long runs and larger quantities.

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Printed Light Fast Stickers

Lightfast or no fade stickers can be printed using various methods. On of the most popular method is screenprinting, this also allows pantone colours to be matched in the printing process.

Our screenprinted stickers have a life expectancy of approx. 3-5 years, however depending on where they are positioned we have known stickers to last a lot longer.

Screenprint and Display Ltd have the facilities to print a wide range of sizes from very small to large format light fast stickers. The stickers can be cut to shape if required.

Stickers placed in direct sunlight will obviously have a short life expectancy than those placed elsewhere.

It is worth noting that UV ink does not necessarily mean it is UV stable.

Light fast stickers have a wide variety of uses including;

  • Plant hire stickers
  • Equipment hire stickers
  • Window stickers
  • Membership stickers
  • Car window stickers
  • Association stickers
  • Waste and Bin Stickers
  • Recycling stickers
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Toilet hire stickers
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    Are there any colours that should be avoided when designing a light fast sticker?

    It is important to consider the colours in your design, red (or Magento if using CMYK) is the least light fast colour, after this it is yellow.

    Why do I need light fast stickers?

    Here is an example of two stickers, the one on the left has been printed longer than the one on the right but they have been produced using different printing processes. The one on the left has faded a lot less and is a lot more light fast.

    Can reflective stickers be lightfast?

    Yes the RA1 or RA2 reflective material, used to produce reflective stickers, can be printed with UV stable inks.

    Are light fast stickers waterproof?

    Yes they are printed on self adheshive vinyl and are waterproof.

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    What our customers say...

    • "We have been supplied quality Vinyl stickers by Screen Print and Display for at least 6 years. Our business started back in the early ‘00’s, and quite a number of other suppliers had been used until we tried Screen Print & Display. Since then we have not need to go anywhere else. Our stickers need to be tough, with a double lamination, and very adhesive, for submerge water use. We can highly recommend Screen Print & Display for quality products, customer service, and cost."
      Lance Mitchell
    • “We give away free stickers with a large portion of orders made on the our website, so finding the cheapest price around without compromising on quality is really important to us. The team helped us place our sticker sheet order with ease and helped to guide us during the design and formatting process to make sure everything correct when it came to printing. Delivery was also quick considering the quantities we ordered! The quality of the stickers is fabulous and we’ve received some great feedback from our customers. Truly a 5* service.”
      Emily Abbott
    • We have been using Screenprint & Display for a couple of years now. Their expertise and flexibility coupled with the team's great customer service make them our first port of call to deliver quality sticker products for very exacting clients!
      Bob Copper
    • Screenprint's customer service is 10 out of 10. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They are efficient in responding to requests and their lead-times are swift. A very reliable company with a very personable team.
      Claire Stopgate

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