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Reflective security and warning signs

reflective security signs and warning boards custom printed
Reflective security signs and warning boards
Reflective warning boards
reflective security signs and warning boards custom printed
Reflective security signs and warning boards
Reflective warning boards

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Reflective security signs and warning boards

We’ve been custom printing signage and boards for over 30 years. Used by security companies throughout the UK.

  • Reflectorized signage custom printed to any size.
  • Waterproof and suitable for short/mid term outdoor use.
  • Warning and security signs printed using your artwork and cut to size.
  • Printed using Class1 or Class 2 reflective.
  • Easy to install – can be supplied with eyelets or predrilled
  • Fast turn around
  • Delivery throughout the UK

Our standard size boards are 600mm x 400mm, however we can print boards in any shape, size and quantity to suit your requirements.

We can make Reflective Security Signs in any shape, size and quantity.

If you’d like advice or prices, please call our team on 01347 823 230  or message us now.

As there are various grades and specifications of reflective signs available, it is best to discuss your project with one of our very experienced Sign making team.

We can advise on the different grades of reflective signs, different colours, and the most suitable material to use for the signs that you are planning.

We can also help with standard sign size templates, as well as the preparation of your artwork.

Please call the Sign Team for prices, advice or samples on 01347 823230

Package details

‘ALL-IN’ REFLECTIVE SIGNS package details


Use our package pricing, to order your night vision, day & night Security Boards, CCTV Boards and Site Warning Signs

It’s so simple…




Sign Specification

Your boards will be digitally printed onto a Class 1 retro-reflective 4mm correx on one side.

They will come at a finished size of a very eye catching 600 x 400mm (approx. 24” x 16”) (Larger reflective sign printing is available…please chat to us for pricing).

Delivered to your address in boxes of 100, on overnight courier (restrictions may apply)


100 BOARDS @ £8.65 each

200 BOARDS @ £5.45 each

300 BOARDS @ £5.05 each

400 BOARDS @ £4.80 each

500 BOARDS @ £4.70 each

500+? ASK

All prices quoted are subject to vat

Add Extras

4 drilled holes @ £0.20 per board

4 metal eyelets @ £0.50 per board

Cable ties. 100 pack @ £10.00

All prices quoted are subject to vat

Ready to order?

Either email your print ready artwork to us or let us know what you would like on your boards, including your industry accreditations.

We will proof your board back to you, showing you which parts of the design will light up in the dark.

We’ll email a pro forma invoice, with easy payment link.

Once the paperwork is signed off, we’ll produce your order in a couple of days and send them to you by overnight courier.

Want to find out more about custom printed Reflective Security Signs? How to customize your Reflective CCTV, Warning Signs? Or how quickly we could print them? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

Can You print reflective stickers as well as reflective signs?

All reflective printed signs and graphics start out as reflective stickers, printed on large rolls. This self adhesive reflective laminate can then be cut down into individual printed retro reflective stickers, or mounted onto a range of rigid materials, to make printed reflective signs. The signs are commonly made of correx or foamex plastic, or dibond acm or Zintec metal signs.


What do I need to consider when designing a reflective security sign?

Reflective printed signs are printed with translucent colours onto a reflective background. Certain colours, especially those that are lighter, such as yellow, allow more light to reflect through them, and give great reflectivity when lit with a light source such as car headlights or a torch. You don’t need to design the artwork any differently to non-reflective signs. Darker colours reflect less light, and so don’t expect to see reflective black for example! You will notice on reflective road signs that the background illuminates, leaving black text very visible against the lit up background.


Is there a standard size for security signage and warning boards

The most popular size used in the printing of security signs and site warning signs is 600mm x 400mm (approx 24″ x 16″), This is a very economical size of sign to produce, with virtually no waste been created in the printing process. We can print and cut signage to any size and shape required.


How easy is it to display the warning signs?

Reflective and (non-reflective) site warning signs are easy to fit to fences, gates, hoardings or railings, as they are light, but strong.

They can be easily fitted with cable ties, screws, nails, and even double sided tape to many surfaces


Can security boards to recycled after use?

Reflective signs cannot be easily recycled currently. However, as they are long lasting in all weather conditions, they will give many months or years of use, and are therefore not classed as single-use plastic.


Are reflective warning signs more expensive than standard Correx security boards?

Reflective warning boards do cost a premium over non-reflective type boards, but this is only if you count the initial cost. As reflective signs give you a 24/7 awareness on your sites, they give much more service, especially in the long dark winter’s afternoons and nights. Reflective signs work from you around the clock, especially during the quieter hours of the night protecting your site or premises from uninvited visitors.


How quickly can you turnaround the security boards if I order today?

Reflective boards are printed and supplied within a few days of your order, by overnight courier.

We hold large quantities of class 1 and class 2 retro-reflective laminate in stock as well as huge quantities of correx sheets from which the boards are made. All printing and sign manufacture is done in house, and so we are in full control of the print process. When you deal with Screenprint & Display, you are buying directly from the manufacturers, and not middle men.


Can you print boards for delivery throughout the UK?

Reflective and non reflective warning and site boards can be delivered to any address in the UK, although restrictions may apply in certain situations


How would my signs be delivered?

Our printed signs are boxed in 100’s, and come ready for use from the box. They will be delivered directly to you by DPD or a similar overnight national courier company.


How can we help?

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