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Life size cut out standees

Custom made for point of sale use

We design and print marketing standees and life size cut outs for point of sale, retailer promotions, events and branding.

  • Indoor or outdoor material options available
  • Supplied with a self locking fold out rear strut
  • Unbeatable trade prices for larger volume orders
  • Attract attention in store to your products, brand or service
  • Short term promotional or longer term fixture options
  • 100% recyclable corrugated plastic or card options available

Standees can be used for:  in store promotions, selfie frames, photowalls, advertising events, directional signage, photo opportunities, point of sale, full life size or smaller version for counter top, events and parties, window displays and product launches.

We can make life size cut outs and standees in any shape, size and quantity.

question mark inside a question markIf you’d like advice or prices, please call our team on 01347 823 230  or message us now.

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Why choose this product?

Custom shaped life size cutouts are printed on either corrugated cardboard, correx or rigid plastic. Depending on the materials chosen, they are suitable for indoor or outdoor POS use.

There is no end of items that be cut out as large size standees. Below is a list to give you some ideas;

  • Life size people
  • Celebrities
  • Cutout characters
  • Large versions of products and household items e.g. large bottles
  • Buildings
  • Plants and trees
  • Scenes and backgrounds
  • Animals
  • Dinosaurs
  • Statues
  • Famous landmarks e.g. Statue of liberty


Uses of standees and custom cut outs:

For in store promotions, selfie frames, photowalls, great for advertising events, directional signage, photo opportunities, point of sale, full life size or smaller version for counter top, events and parties, window displays and product launches.

They can be displayed anywhere but are often found in:

  • Retail environments – instore and window displays
  • Tourist attractions
  • Film launches and cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Museums
  • Restaurants and food outlets
  • Product launches

The cutouts are digitally printed in full colour and cut to shape. This means we can print from 1-1,000,000 and in various designs. If you print various designs they can then be displayed together to create scenes, window displays and instant impact.

If you’d like a no obligation quote call the team now on 01347 823230 or visit our contact us page.


Get in touch with the team at Screenprint & Display today to talk about your life size cut out standees. The team are here to help!

Please call us on 01347 823 230 or message us now.

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The standees are supplied with a strutt fitted onto the back, if the life size cut out is very large then multiple strutts can be applied.


Yes the standees can be printed on white Correx which is used for a lot of temporary outdoor signage as it is waterproof, it is however lightweight so it wouldn’t be suitable if it is breezy.


No all the standees which we print are custom made to your design, as there are so many different shapes and sizes required it isn’t possible to offer a standard template for this product.

Yes we can print and cut out various designs in the same order. If you would like further information please call our team to discuss your requirements on 01347 823230.

There are many uses of standees from parties and events to retail point of sale and promotional advertising campaigns.

If you would like to talk about printing your own life size cutouts and standees, get in touch.

Some of the brands we work with, or on behalf of

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