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Vinyl Stickers

Screenprint & Display have been printing stickers for over 30 years. Based in the UK, we print custom vinyl stickers in all shapes, sizes and quantities to suit your requirements.

The vinyl stickers are durable and waterproof, making them very versatile. Custom printed vinyl stickers have a wide variety of uses, from gift wrap seals to plant hire equipment branding, from labeling chocolates to Wheelie bin stickers, the list is endless.

The stickers can be printed in any size from millimetres to metres. They can also be cut to shape or kiss cut on sheets with multiple stickers presented on a backing sheet (a popular giveaway).

Call our team today to discuss your sticker requirements!

Custom Printed VinylStickers

Screenprint & Display can custom print vinyl stickers in any shape, size and quantity.


For prices please contact our team on 01347 823230.

Custom printed vinyl stickers. Quick Facts…

Vinyl stickers have a wide variety of uses, from lapel stickers to large format stickers.
Our stickers can be printed in full colour.
Stickers can be cut as squares, circles, rectangles or custom shaped as required to suit your design.
Our vinyl stickers can be supplied with either a gloss or a matt finish and can be over laminated as required.
Vinyl sticker sizes vary from 10mm to 1200mm wide, for larger stickers, call our team to discuss your requirements further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about our custom printed window stickers? How to customize your own stickers? Or how quickly we could print it? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

1Do I need to laminate my vinyl stickers?

Our vinyls stickers can be over laminated with either a gloss or a matt laminate as required. The lamination provides an extra layer of protection to the inks.

2Are there any standard sticker sizes?

No there is no standard sizes as we can custom print vinyl stickers at sizes to suit your design requirements. We have listed below some of the standard paper sizes that we get sticker requests for:

  • A6 (105mm x 148mm)
  • A5 (148mm x 210mm)
  • A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  • A3 (297mm x 420mm)
  • A2 (420mm x 594mm)
  • A1 (597mm x 841mm)
  • A0 (841mm x 1189mm)
  • 3What is the difference between a vinyl sticker and a decal?

    A vinyl sticker is a graphic /design printed onto self adheive vinyl and cut to any shape and size, whilst a vinyl decal is still a sticker, which is a cut out shape, logo or image (often with details cut out within the design and not just the outline) it is then supplied with a release paper on the front of the image. The decal would be applied by removing the backing paper from the sticker and placing the sticker onto a surface before removing the front release paper.

    4Can vinyl stickers be supplied with different adhesive?

    Self adhesive vinyl can be supplied with either a permanent or a removable adhesive, please advise your preference when requesting a quotation.

    5Can vinyl stickers be printed on static cling?

    Vinyl stickers can be printed on static cling for use on glass surfaces. Please see our window stickers page for further information.

    6How much do vinyl stickers cost?

    How much your stickers will cost to print depends on a number of factors including, the size of the stickers, the design (including if they are full colour or single colour), the number of different designs, if you would like them to be presented on sheets, rolls or as individuals and the quantity required in total.

    7What is the difference between matte and gloss finish on stickers?

    Matt stickers have a duller satin style finish whilst gloss stickers have a shiny appearance.

    8Can the stickers be laminated with a gloss or a matt finish?

    Matt and gloss lamination are available on vinyl stickers. Stickers are over laminated to add an extra layer of protection over the ink.

    9Can you print on the backing paper of the stickers?

    Yes the backing paper has a shiny silicone side which the sticker is stuck to and the reverse is a matt finish, this side can be printed on. It is often used to promote sponsors, vouchers or for competitions. Please speak to our team on 01347 823230 for further information.

    10How is a die cut sticker different from a kiss cut stickers?

    When a sticker is die cut, both the vinyl and the release paper are cut to the outline shape of your design. If a sticker is kiss cut, the vinyl sticker is cut to the shape of the design but the backing paper is not cut through. This process is frequently used for multi sticker sheets.

    11Can stickers be printed with a clear background?

    Yes, we can print stickers on either a transparent or a white vinyl to suit your design requirements. Please see our page on transparent stickers for further information.

    12How do you remove vinyl stickers?

    The easiest way to remove vinyl stickers that have been in place a while is to heat them up.

    Ideally you will need a hairdryer, and a bit of patience. Firstly though, let’s look at the actual sticker itself.

    Self adhesive vinyl is made of a thin calendered, or cast pvc vinyl sheet with a layer of glue adhesive applied to the back. There are various types of adhesive used, varying in strength of adhesion required. The standard adhesive is called ‘permanent’, although it isn’t actually permanent.

    Removable and Super Tack are also often requested for special applications and end uses. Although Removable adhesive is easier to remove, with time its ‘grip’ or bond increases and becomes more permanent.

    Super Tack, or High tack adhesive refers to the initial bond to the surface, as it is a ‘stickier’ adhesive.

    It’s very useful for waxy feeling surfaces, such as bins, tubs and containers that are made from polypropylene and difficult to stick on to. Why do you need heat to remove stickers?

    As with most plastics, they can become brittle if cold, but also more flexible and stretchy when warm. Add to this the actual adhesive glue layer; when warmed up, the glue softens.

    If you’ve struggled to remove a pvc sticker, and it annoyingly breaks into tiny pieces, a bit of heat is the answer. The heat will warm up the surface of the sticker, making it stretchy, whilst softening the glue at the same time. The warmth stops the vinyl from tearing and will remain in one piece.

    Warm up the whole surface of the sticker, and then gently peel one corner up.

    Keep applying a steady pressure as you slowly peel the sticker off. Keep applying more warmth, and don’t try and rip the sticker off quickly. Once you have it removed, you will find that any remaining residue can be easily removed by wiping with a solvent or spirit (petrol works well) applied to a soft cloth.

    • talk talk custom shaped vinyl stickers
    • talk talk custom printed vinyl stickers

    Case Study - New TV Remote control stickers for the media communications industry.

    Screenprint and Display Ltd were approached by Media communications company Talk Talk when they were looking for a product to increase the appeal of the new kids TV remote controls.

    Talk Talk were launching the kids remote which enables children access to top kids shows on demand.  Our vinyl stickers were able to offer just what was required to make these controls more fun and attractive for children to use.

    The stickers needed to be custom shaped so they would fit to the round shape of the remote control with the button holes cut out.  Each control was to be supplied with a selection of 4 designs for the children to choose which one they would prefer to use, this included Paw Patrol, Sophia the First, The Lionguard and Spongebob Squarepants.

    The stickers were printed on a matt finish vinyl and cut to shape, all 4 designs were then packed together ready to be dispatched with the remotes.  For further information on the Talk Talk TV Kids remote please visit the Talk Talk TV Kids page

    • Thermomix sticker
    • thermomix vinyl sticker
    • Bespoke shape cut vinyl stickers
    • Thermomix stickers

    Case Study - Custom shaped decorative stickers to accessorize innovative Kitchen Appliance.

    When looking to create a custom shaped range of stickers to enhance their state of the art kitchen appliance, Thermomix sought out the expertise and services of UK based printers Screenprint and Display Ltd.

    Within the fast moving world of technology the innovative company who produce the Thermomix (a high end appliance which combines 12 kitchen appliances in one), have developed an additional key accessory, which wirelessly transfers your favourite recipes to your machine. The aim was simply to produce a selection of custom shaped stickers to enhance the appearance of the key.

    The plain white Cook-Keys are a bespoke shape with the branding displayed in the centre of each. This meant that the design and shape of every sticker needed to be cut to allow them to fit over the products unique design whilst still displaying the appliance name.

    Using a beautifully created range of 10 different artwork designs, the stickers were printed and individually packaged as requested.


    "We have been supplied quality Vinyl stickers by Screen Print and Display for at least 6 years. Our business started back in the early ‘00’s, and quite a number of other suppliers had been used until we tried Screen Print & Display. Since then we have not need to go anywhere else. Our stickers need to be tough, with a double lamination, and very adhesive, for submerge water use. We can highly recommend Screen Print & Display for quality products, customer service, and cost."
    Lance Mitchell

    “We give away free stickers with a large portion of orders made on the our website, so finding the cheapest price around without compromising on quality is really important to us. The team helped us place our sticker sheet order with ease and helped to guide us during the design and formatting process to make sure everything correct when it came to printing. Delivery was also quick considering the quantities we ordered! The quality of the stickers is fabulous and we’ve received some great feedback from our customers. Truly a 5* service.”
    Emily Abbott

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