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Sticker Sheets

Multi Sticker Sheets are a great giveaway. Sticker sheets are printed in full colour at any size, although the most popular sizes are A4, A6 and A5.

Sheets can have any number of stickers printed on them.

All stickers do not need to be the same size or shape as every sticker is individually kiss cut to shape.

The multi sticker sheets can be produced on either removable or permanent adhesive vinyl and are also available in either a matt or gloss finish.

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Custom Printed Sticker Sheets

Custom printed sticker sheets, with multiple individual stickers kiss cut on a backing sheet, available in all shapes, sizes and quantities to suit your requriements.


A4 Vinyl Sticker Sheets

(210mm x 297mm) With up to 12 individually kiss cut stickers per sheet.

  • 100 sheets = £281.56 + VAT
  • 250 sheets = £392.66 + VAT
  • 500 sheets = £604.12 + VAT

  • To speak to our team about your designs, sticker specifications or if you would like any further information please call us 01347 823230.

    A5 Vinyl Sticker Sheets

    (210mm x 148mm) With up to 6 individually kiss cut stickers per sheet.

  • 100 sheets = £240.31 + VAT
  • 250 sheets = £275.83 + VAT
  • 500 sheets = £392.66 + VAT

  • To speak to our team about your designs, sticker specifications or if you would like any further information please call us 01347 823230.

    Sticker Sheets. Quick Facts…

    Each individual sheet can contain multiple kiss cut stickers
    Stickers can be custom shaped to suit your designs
    Individual sticker sheets can be produced at any size to suit your design requirements.
    The sheets of stickers are printed in full colour and are available printed on a transparent vinyl if required.
    No minimum order quantity we print from 1 to millions.
    Sticker sheets are great as a giveaway.
    Available with permanent or removable adhesive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Want to find out more about our custom printed sticker sheets? How to customize your own stickers? Or how quickly we could print it? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

    1What is a sticker sheet?

    A custom printed sticker sheet describes a self adhesive sticker that is printed at an overall size, some standard sheet sizes are A4, A5 and A6. The sheet then has any number of individual stickers kiss cut out to shape (which can be all the same or different to suit the design) so they can be individually removed and used as required. Sticker sheets are often used as a giveaway.

    2Who uses sticker sheets?

  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Associations
  • Societies
  • Large organisations
  • Retail brands
  • 3Are there any restrictions to the number of stickers on a sheet?

    No you can have as few or as many stickers as you like on a sheet. The only restriction is that each sticker must be at least 3mm apart

    4What is kiss cut?

    Kiss cut is when each sticker is cut to shape but the backing paper isn't cut, this means you can have multiple stickers cut to shape but presented on a sheet.

    5How is kiss cut different from die cut?

    Die cut stickers cut the backing paper to the same shape as the sticker. Kiss cut means only the sticker is cut and not the backing paper.

    6Can you laminate sticker sheets?

    Yes you can laminate the sheets if required

    7Are there any standard sizes for sticker sheets?

    There are no standard sizes as all our sticker sheets are custom printed to your redesign requirements, however the most popular sizes are A6 (105mm x 148mm), A5 (148mm x 210mm) and A4 (210mm x 297mm)

    8How do you know where to cut and how close can the stickers be to each other?

    When you supply the artwork we would request you also send over the outlines in a cutter guide. We require a minimum of 3mm between cutting lines. If you are unsure if your artwork design is suitable please send it over to our team and the studio can have a look.

    9Can you print sticker sheets with a transparent background?

    Yes transparent sticker sheets can be printed, please consider if the images require a white underpin, when supplying the artwork we would ask that you send a white layer and cutter guide. If you have any queries our team are on hand to help.

    10How do I print a sheet of stickers?

    We can print the sticker sheets for you with multiple custom kiss cut stickers on each sheet. Once your artwork is prepared with cut lines showing the individual stickers, forward this to us and our studio can print the sticker sheets for you.

    11How much does it cost to make custom sticker sheets?

    There are various factors that affect the price of custom printed sticker sheets, this includes the overall size of the sheets, the number of stickers that are to be kiss cut on the sheets and the material that the stickers are printed on e.g are they transparent with a white underpin or are they printed on a solid white background.


    "We have been supplied quality Vinyl stickers by Screen Print and Display for at least 6 years. Our business started back in the early ‘00’s, and quite a number of other suppliers had been used until we tried Screen Print & Display. Since then we have not need to go anywhere else. Our stickers need to be tough, with a double lamination, and very adhesive, for submerge water use. We can highly recommend Screen Print & Display for quality products, customer service, and cost."
    Lance Mitchell

    “We give away free stickers with a large portion of orders made on the our website, so finding the cheapest price around without compromising on quality is really important to us. The team helped us place our sticker sheet order with ease and helped to guide us during the design and formatting process to make sure everything correct when it came to printing. Delivery was also quick considering the quantities we ordered! The quality of the stickers is fabulous and we’ve received some great feedback from our customers. Truly a 5* service.”
    Emily Abbott

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