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Reflective Stickers

Reflective Sticker printer
Reflective security stickers
promotional reflective stickers
reflective sticker sheets
be safe be seen yellow reflective stickers
orange reflective hazard warning stickers
reflective road safety sign
Reflective Sticker printer
Reflective security stickers
promotional reflective stickers
reflective sticker sheets
be safe be seen yellow reflective stickers
orange reflective hazard warning stickers
reflective road safety sign

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Reflective Stickers

Custom printed reflective stickers, in any shape, size and quantity.

Reflective vinyl sticker features:

  • Highly visible in hours of daylight and darkness.
  • Intense, vibrant colour printing.
  • Claas RA1 or Claas RA2, available in a variety of colours.
  • Honeycomb reflective vinyl.
  • Professional sign grade adhesion
  • Water repellent vinyl adhesive
  • UV resistance / light fastness / non-yellowing
  • Free digital proof

They are great for high-impact marketing, safety and industrial uses (e.g. as promotional ‘giveaways’, branding etc.), or as safety stickers, reflecting light in low-light or darkness eg. be safe be seen.

We can make Reflective Stickers in any shape, size and quantity.

If you’d like advice or prices, please call our team on 01347 823 230  or message us now.

Reflective self-adhesive vinyl is available in either white (it appears grey rather than white) or yellow. It is worth noting, however, that the area which is printed will not be reflective.

These stickers are waterproof and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Like all of our custom stickers, reflective stickers can be cut to any shape and produced in any quantity.

Class 1 or Class 2 reflective?

Don’t get confused with Class 1 and Class 2 reflectives…they’re very different, and have different uses.

(To add a little more confusion, Class 1 used to be Class 2, and Class 2, Class 1!)

You may also come across descriptions of RA1 and RA2, these are the same as Class 1 & 2, so no problem there.

Basically, you would commonly see Class 1 reflective signs and stickers used for promotional or informative end uses, where it is used to illuminate a message in darkness. In some cases it is used in the production of temporary road signs too.

Class 2 has a higher specification of ‘reflectivity’ and is used for permanent signage for roads, as well as safety and warning markings on emergency service vehicles. As you would imagine, there is a considerable difference in the cost between the two class types, but chosen correctly, you will get the correct product for your intended use.

Screenprint & Display produce a huge array of printed reflective stickers, reflective signage and markings, and can give you all the advice you need to help you choose the correct type of reflective, for the job you have in mind.

We offer an express delivery service.

Don’t worry if you’ve left it to the last minute to order, call us on 01347 823 230 to discuss your requirements and arrange a fast turnaround and delivery.

Shape – your reflective stickers can be produced in any standard shape such as circle, square, rectangle, diamond or oval. They can also be cut to any custom shape.

Any size – we can produce your reflective stickers from widths starting at 15mm up to 1350mm. For sizes exceeding the online calculator call our team on 01347 823 230.

Quantities – we can print any quantity – We can print any quantity –please contact our team directly for prices.

If you would like to receive a reflective sticker sample please message with your postal address.

Please note: samples are pre-printed and are not samples of your artwork. These are available on request, but will be chargeable.

Reflective stickers are usually printed using spot colours. This means the artwork should be ‘vector art’ and should not contain shading or gradients. Try and keep your design to only 1 or 2 spot colours.

Once we receive your artwork we will send you back a digital proof. This allows you to check that we have received and correctly understood your design before we go to print.

We will not produce your order before you have ‘signed off’ on your digital proof.

Download our Artwork Guidelines to ensure your custom stickers are produced exactly as expected.

If you would like us to check your artwork prior to ordering, please email   

Reflective vinyl stickers are a specialist kind of sticker that requires a discussion and manual quotation.

Please fill out the below quotation request form and we will respond within 24 hours.

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