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Footprint stickers

Die cut stickers custom printed

Using a custom made cutting form both the vinyl sticker and the backing paper are completely cut to the same shape.

Die cut vinyl stickers:

  • Cut to the shape of your design
  • Vinyl stickers suitable for  indoor or outdoor use
  • Choice of either a gloss or matt finish
  • Permanent or removable adhesive
  • Durable
  • High quality print

We can make die cut stickers in any shape, size and quantity.

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Die cutting is a print finishing method whereby a sharpened, shaped steel blade, set in a wooden backing block is forced with pressure against a printed sheet.

The pressure exerted on the sheet by the blade cuts through the sheet, resulting in a stamped out finished shape.

Die cutting is particularly popular for custom shaped window stickers and vinyl stickers.

Die cut is not be be confused with ‘kiss cutting’. Kiss cut stickers is when the sticker is custom cut to the required shape but the cutting blade does not cut through the backing paper. This process eliminates the need for a die cutting tool to be produced and hence is more attractive when lower quantities of custom stickers are needed.



No. the fact that the cutter die is basically a bent and folded steel knife creates restrictions on tight detail, although looser shapes of most descriptions can be created.

Yes. If the pressure is set to cut completely through the vinyl sticker and it’s backing sheet, the result is a die cut sticker. If the pressure is only set to half, and only the shape of the vinyl sticker is cut out, but the backing paper remains rectangular or square, then the sticker is termed to be kiss cut.

This description comes from the cutting blade only ‘kissing’ the top layer of the sheet, rather than stamping all the way through.


No. Once a sticker or graphic becomes oversized for traditional die cutting, other shape cutting processes are available such a router cutting and cad cutting, which are more modern print finishing techniques.



Yes. A cutting tool is a physical thing that can be stored for reuse over and over again.

Occasionally the blade will become blunt, and will need to be replaced.

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