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20th January 2021
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15th December 2020

Flood and ice warning temporary reflective road signs.

It is that time of year when the crisp frosty mornings start to arrive, and everyone asks will there be snow at Christmas? This is lovely if you want a wintery walk in the country, but it can make the roads and highways extremely hazardous with ice, snow, and flood waters as everything thaws out.

Hence we were asked to print these reflective temporary grey Correx® road signs. The signs have a grey background and reflective warning triangle, highlighting flood, snow and ice hazards to drivers. These warning road signs are printed on Correx® which is lightweight, waterproof, and easy to display on roadside verges. Correx® is frequently used for printing cost effective temporary outdoor signage and boards.

Ensuring the signs are reflective means that when the car headlights shine on them, they will reflect the light, making them more visible to the driver and increasing awareness of the forthcoming ice, flood or snow hazard that they are approaching.

For details or prices of temporary road signs please call our team on 01347 823230.

Case Study - Flood and Ice Temporary Reflective Road Signs

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