How to install security signs & boards

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Security signs are printed boards designed to show that your property is protected by some form of security or surveillance system. This helps to deter potential criminals. While we design and create weather-resistant security signs, you'll have to fit them yourself. This guide makes it simple.

How to Install Security Signs

Deterrents can take many forms, shapes and sizes that are usually printed on Correx or Foamex boards. Due to this variety and the wide range of applications they are used for, there are numerous ways in which these security boards can be installed.

Screws and Washers

For more permanent solutions, both Correx and Foamex boards can be installed using screws and washers to ensure a long-lasting and secure fitting. This method is best used when attaching boards to posts, wooden surfaces or brick walls (with plugs).

Cable Ties

The addition of optional eyelets allows for security boards to be installed using cable ties or rope. This solution is best used for attaching security signs to fences or similar surfaces.


For the simplest finish and application, adhesives such as a strong double-sided tape or Velcro strips can be used to install security signs to surfaces. This method will be best suited for internal environments when weather isn't a problem.

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