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Security signs and warning boards

Buy with confidence from one of the UK’s most established printers of plastic signs

We are specialist printers of corrugated plastic outdoor signs, ideal for security, surveillance and warning board signage. Using both traditional screenprinting and up to the minute high speed digital printing onto plastic, we produce 10,000’s of low cost, waterproof outdoor signs every year.

Since we started our business back in 1987, we have become one of the largest producers of printed correx signs in the country. Our business has grown on the back of great customer service, keen prices and fast deliveries.

As we use both screenprinting and digital printing technology, we can always choose the best printing process to use for your order of printed security signs.

Screenprinting is by far the best method of producing weather resistant and lightfast printing, and you can expect several years of service from warning signs printed in this way. Silk screen printing on plastic also produces very bright, punchy solid colours, as the ink is specially mixed before printing to colour match what you require.

Also, once a screenprinting machine is set up and running, it will print sheets of plastic very quickly, which means that the larger the print run, the cheaper the unit cost becomes.

Digital printing is a very easy, unskilled new print process with several advantages over screenprinting.

It is ideal for artwork that is made up of lots of different colours, and especially useful for the printing of small logos, tints and tones, as well as full colour pictures and logos.

Because we use both processes, we can choose the best process for your order, to give you the best possible price.

All of our warning and security signage orders are printed on outdoor grade corrugated plastic, well known as correx, but also referred to as cortex, corex, cortes and twinflute.

It is a fluted plastic that is made from polypropylene and is 100% recyclable.

All of our correx is specially made in UK mills for us, and meets our tight specifications, to ensure that I t is suitable for your sign order.

We bulk buy from our manufacturers and keep 1000’s of sheets in stock all the time.

This bulk buying means that we can offer you the best prices you’ll find, especially for larger orders of printed plastic warning boards.

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Security sign printing-
Quick Facts…

We print tough outdoor correx plastic boards
Standard sized 24” x 18”, A3 sized, A2 sized and larger custom printed correx boards
Our boards are 100% weatherproof, with waterproof printing for all outdoor conditions
We have been a trusted supplier to UK’s Security industry since 1987
Single colour or multi colour correx board printing
You buy directly from the back of the printing press at our special Trade plastic printing prices
All of our Security site boards and signs are made from plastic that is 100% recyclable
We specialise in the printing of outdoor plastic signs for companies throughout the UK.
Look no further for the best priced Security and Warning board printing, and fastest print times available anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about custom printed security signs and warning boards? How to customize your security signs and warning boards? Or how quickly we could print them? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

1Uses for Security signs Warning Boards and Manned guarding signs

Security or Manned Guarding companies realise the benefits of using their own branded company signs to promote their services and business on existing jobs and sites.

Bespoke printed site signs work not only as a deterrent to would-be trespassers and thieves, but are a great opportunity to promote your business as a professional and forward thinking company.

Printed Security signs can be used to draw attention to your company and contact details on fences, gates, site perimeter hoardings, in windows and many other locations.

2Are correxsigns reusable?

Yes, correx is a fully waterproof and weatherproof plastic which is ideal for the production of all sorts of outdoor printed plastic signs. The signs will last for several years, and can easily be cleaned down with water to freshen them up. The ink won’t fade or run, as it is specially dried onto the surface of the plastic.

3Is there a standard size for security and warning signage within the industry?

Whilst the ‘industry standard’ sized printed correx sign of 24 x 18” (610 x 457mm) is the most used size of site sign, we regularly get requests for smaller, or very much larger signs.

Working with Security companies throughout London, and all of the major cities in the Uk, we can produce very large printed correx plastic signs of up to 8 x 4’ (2440 x 1220mm) in a single sheet.

4How do you display or fit the security and surveillance boards?

All of our printed plastic signs can be supplied complete with holes to allow quick fixing to site fencing. Another popular option is to supply correx sign boards with brass eyelets in each corner. This makes the boards much harder to be pulled down, and offers an even greater extended useful life.

5What should we include when designing our warning boards?

Alongside the obvious name, logo and contact details, a lot of security companies will include images i.e. CCTV cameras, guard dogs.

It is also a great opportunity to enhance your reputation by adding industry accreditations such as SSAIB, SIA Approved, UKAS, BSI, CHAS, NSI and safe contractor approved.

6What is the purpose of warning boards?

Warning board signage is frequently used to advertise the following;

  • CCTV
  • Manned guarding
  • Guard dogs patrol these premises
  • Security guarding
  • Security services
  • Camera surveillance
  • 24 hour guarding
  • Warning CCTV in operation
  • Protected by
  • Under surveillance

  • 7Can you print reflective warning and security signs?

    Yes we can produce warning signs on a reflective material, take a look at our reflective signs page for further information.

    8Can security boards be printed on foamex?

    Yes they can be printed on foamex if requested. Correx is often chosen to print signs on as it is more cost effective and fully recyclable.

    9Can Warning boards and security signs be printed on Dibond?

    Yes Dibond is a good choice for temporary signs that will be displayed for a while. We can print directly onto the dibond surface in full colour. The signs are weatherproof and very durable.


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