What is Correx? A simple guide

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30th March 2020
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What is Correx?

Correx is a brand name for a twin walled extruded polypropylene sheet. It is often described a corrugated plastic, however unlike corrugated cardboard which is made of 3 layers, corrugated plastic is 1 piece, with two flat printable faces with open pipes running through it called ‘flutes’.it is the size of these flutes which give the correx it’s thickness.

What is Correx made of?

Corrugated plastic is based on Propylene ethylene copolymer.

How is Correx made?

In brief, Corex is produced by forcing a hot liquid plastic through a metal template or die. Once it has passed through the template, the liquid cools and forms a long continuous sheet. This is then cut down into finished boards, which are ready to be printed.

Is Correx the same as Corvex, Coriflute and corrugated plastic?

Yes they are all corrugated plastic sheets, however Correx is a registered brand name, which has now become a generic name used by many, to describe polypropylene fluted plastic sheeting

Can you cut Correx?

Yes, Correx can easily be cut into a wide variety of shapes using a sharp knife. It can also be cut with a guillotine or router. Specialist flatbed drag knife cutting machines are also available to cut it into custom shapes to suit your designs and requirements.

Can correx be die cut?

Yes, it can easily be die cut, but only to a maximum overall size of 1000 x 800mm. Die cutting involves making a sharp, shaped, steel knifed cutting forme, which is used in a similar way to a pastry cutter, albeit on a much larger scale

Both the corex sheet and the cutting forme are compressed together under a great force in a machine called a cutting platen. The force of the machine stamps the cutting forme knife through the correx, resulting in a tidy shaped finished shaped panel. The surrounding waste material is then sent for recycling.

Corrugated plastic can also be creased during the die cutting process, where lines can be creased into the surface of the sheet that don’t cut all the way through it.

Is there a standard sheet size for Correx?

The standard sheet sizes for Correx boards are 8’ x 4’ (2440mm x 1220mm) or 10’ x 5’ (3050 x 1550mm) from which smaller panels are cut.

In the case of long run sign printing, special bespoke sizes of plain material can be manufactured to order which reduces or eliminates the waste that comes from cutting panels out of larger sheets.

Can you recycle Correx?

Correx is 100% recyclable in Waste stream 5.

Is Correx biodegradable?

No correx isn’t biodegradable, however it will perish and disintegrate eventually after very prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Is Correx Waterproof?

Yes correx is 100% waterproof, hence it is an ideal choice for printed outdoor advertising boards and temporary signage.

What temperatures can Correx withstand? And at what point does it melt?

It starts to soften at approximately 144c and melts at 165c.

Is Correx fire retardant?

Standard Correx is not flame retardant however there are options available, please speak to our team to discuss this further.

What is Corex used for?

The uses vary with the differing thicknesses.

The thinnest 2mm option is often used for trays and packaging.

4mm Correx is the thicknesses preferred by most printers for small outdoor signs and point of sale products such as dumpbins, bollard covers, stockist boards etc.. The thicker 6mm and 8mm Correx tends to be used for larger signage, where the extra thickness gives greater strength

How is Correx delivered?

The size and the quantity of Correx sheets or signs which you need delivered would affect how they are sent out. Most Correx sheets would be delivered on Pallets, however for smaller orders of printed signs can be packed into parcels and delivered by a courier service.

Can you bend Corex?

Correx can be creased and bent to form display items, an example of this are triangular 3 sided bollard or lamppost covers. Here at Screenprint we make a number of point of sale products that involve creasing and bending the correx, look at our dumpbins for example, which are made of several components of shape cut and creased correx board

How is Correx printed?

Corrugated plastic is easy to print with the right machines, we have different options here at Screenprint and Display.

The traditional method of Screen printing involves printing layers of ink (pantone matched), pushed through fine mesh screens directly onto the plastic sheet surface, each colour has it’s own screen and the graphics are made of layers of ink.

Our range of digital machines print all colours in CMYK directly onto the surface of the substrate.

What thicknesses is Correx available in? and what are the most commonly used thickness?

There are various thicknesses of Correx available, including 2mm, 4mm and 6mm. Although they are referred to as these thicknesses there is a 10% manufacturers tolerance so for example a 4mm sheet could measure 3.6mm.

Where do I buy printed Correx?

Just call our team on 01347 823230. We’ve been printing Correx for over 25 years and can offer you advice as well as a free quotation on all your print requirements.

Can Correx be custom printed?

All our correx is custom printed. We use your artwork and designs, we print them, custom cut them to any shape and size to create signs and point of sale products.

Can Correx be used for outdoor signs? And why should I choose Correx?

The main reasons that Correx is chosen for use on outdoor sign boards and for temporary display graphics is it is light weight, cost effective and waterproof, making it ideal for use outdoors.

How strong is Correx?

Correx is surprisingly strong. In thicknesses of 4mm or greater it is impossible to tear or break, it can only be cut. If you bend it along the flutes it will bend easily however if you try to bend it across the flutes this is much more difficult. See the picture of one of our team standing on an interlocking piece of Correx (this piece is part of one of our point of sale products).

Is there anyone who prints correx in Yorkshire?

There are a handful of printing companies that can offer trade prices for screen printing or digitally printing correx in yorkshire. Choose one that has a lot of experience for your quotation, otherwise you may not get the best service or price.

How expensive is correx printing?

The cost of correx printing depends on how many printed signs you need, the size and thickness of them, and finally whether they are printed on one side or double sided printed.

Given these details, the printing company will then choose the most cost effective way that they can print the signs for you.

If you choose a printer that has the ability to offer both screen printing and digital printing, they will have the best chance of offering you the most competitive pricing, as different print processes are more suitable for different print jobs.

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