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  • Custom printed dumpbins
  • Dump bins
  • Custom printed dump bins
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Dump Bins

Freestanding Correx or Corrugated Cardboard Dumpbins. Our popular flat packed, freestanding Dump bins can be found in retail outlets throughout the UK.

Produced in either corrugated cardboard or plastic, you can take advantage of our standard shaped and sized bins for your own bespoke personalisation, without the need for expensive tooling or prototyping costs.

Both corrugated cardboard and plastic versions are 100% recyclable at the end of use.

The proved hexagonal bin design is very strong and stable, and has been used in retail stores to add impact and impulse purchase to promotions of everything from socks to cat food, and with endless other uses between.

Each bin comes individually wrapped in flat packed kit form, ready to construct in moments, and complete with shelf, shelf supports and a bespoke printed header card.

Dump Bins can be positioned throughout the retail environment, gaining maximum impact in areas with high traffic. The great benefit is that they are freestanding so they can be moved around the store therefore having exposure in various areas. They are used most commonly in the check-out area, by entrances, at the end of aisles and corridor areas.

Each Dump Bin comes complete with a separate slot in, and changeable header, so the dump bin can be used for several promotions and Seasonal offers, or for various products.

The correx version of the Dump Bin is entirely waterproof, and can be displayed both indoors and outdoors making them even more versatile.

Uses of retail Dump Bins:

• To encourage impulse purchases and increase sales
• Create brand awareness in retail environments
• Promotions
• Great for trial size giveaways
• Highlighting product ranges
• To display a new product or increase awareness of existing products
• Ideal as a POS giveaway to stockists
Correx dump bins are ideal for use in country stores, garden centres and building merchants.

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Dump Bins

Printed display Dump Bins for successful POS promotions..


Correx Dumpbin prices

The prices below are to give you an idea of costs of our hexagonal and freestanding Dump Bin. As with any bespoke printing order, the more you order, the less the price becomes! This is because the setting up time costs of the printing process is the same whether you want a quantity of one or two, or 1000 off.

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Some jobs benefit from being talked about, and we have a friendly, and very knowledgeable Customer Service Team that would welcome a call from you. A quick 5 minute chat to talk about your project could lead to savings you didn’t realise could be made.

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Each Dump Bin comes in a flat packed kit, and comprises: Printed Dump Bin body, internal shelf supports, flat shelf, printed Header Card

Ready to go?

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and we’ll send you a Design Template into which you can drop your artwork.

Don’t worry…everything at this end will be checked by our Studio, and we’ll send you a proof before any production!

Please note minimum order value of £100 +vat

Dump Bins - Quick Facts…

The best and most widely used Dump Bin in the UK for everything from popcorn to horse treats!
Available in durable and 100% recyclable corrugated plastic or card versions to suit any environment.
Our best selling floor standing retail Dump Bin is trusted by brands large and small throughout the UK
Ideal for builders merchants, country stores, garden centres and retail environments of all descriptions.
Supplied flat packed and assembled in moments without need for tools or experience.
Our Dump Bins are custom colour printed with your artwork and design.
Complete with interchangeable promotional Header card, internal strengthening struts & shelf.
Free and simple to use artwork layout template available now.

Download our standard dumpbin artwork template below:

Click here to download our standard Dumpbin artwork template.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about our custom printed waterproof correx or corrugated cardboard dump bins? How to customize your own dumpbin? Or how quickly we could print it? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

1Are all the Dump Bins a standard size?

Dump Bins can be made in any size to suit your requirements, however our hexagonal floorstanding Dump Bin is a proven success, and has been used in many different retail situations to increase sales, create product promotions and awareness, as well as proven impulse purchases.

2How do I create the printing artwork for a Dump Bin?

Creating the artwork layout is easy. We can send you a pre-designed artwork template that your artworker can drop the artwork onto. We would then send you a proof before printing to make sure that everything is in the correct print position.

3Can the Dump Bin be printed in cmyk full colour?

There is no restriction on any part of the printing. You can have full colour designs printed, although it is more cost effective to limit the number of colours on the base and have full colour header boards.

4Are Dump Bins easy to assemble?

The Dump Bins are supplied pre-assembled, flat packed in a kit, and can be erected without any tools, glue or mess in moments!

5Is there a minimum order quantity?

No you can have any quantity from 1 - 1000's, however long runs are much more cost effective.

6What is the difference between corrugated cardboard and Correx?

Correx is a fluted plastic, which is lightweight and waterproof which means your Dump Bins are suitable for use indoors or outdoors. Dump Bins produced out of corrugated cardboard are not waterproof and suitable only for indoor use. Both can be printed in full colour and cut to shape.

7Can the interchangeable Header card be cut to a shape?

Yes, the Header card can be cut to your custom shaped design.

8Will Dump Bins help to create impulse purchases?

Dump Bins are great for helping your product gain maximum exposure in a busy retail environment, drawing the customers’ attention. As they are freestanding,g it allows the stockist of your products to position them in areas of high traffic such as entrances to the store or in the till area.

9Do you produce other freestanding product displays?

We pride ourselves on working with our customers to produce custom sized and shaped correx display stands, so if you are needing a bespoke shaped product display or dispenser, please give us a call on 01347 823230 to discuss your requirements.


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