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What is the difference between Correx® and Foamex?


Do you want to find out more about what Correx® and Foamex are? How they are similar and what are the main differences between the 2 materials? Here is a brief overview to help you decide between Correx® or Foamex for your temporary signs.

What is Correx?

Correx® is a brand name for a twin walled extruded polypropylene sheet, produced from propylene Ethylene Copolymer. The sheet is often described as corrugated.

Corrugated plastic sheets can be seen throughout the UK for temporary outdoor signage and are widely used for printing estate agents’ boards.

The sheets can be creased to create three dimensional promotional products such as dumpbins and bollard covers.

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What is Foamex?

Foamex is also a brand name, for Foam Polyvinyl Chloride (Foam PVC). It is a smooth, lightweight rigid white board. It is produced by compressing sheets of Foam Polyvinyl Chloride.

Foamex can be cut to shape, heat creased, folded, or bent to create three dimensional products e.g., display stands.

The smooth rigid surface can easily be printed using digital or screen-printing processes.

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How are Foamex and Correx® Similar?

  • Both Correx® and Foamex are brand names
  • Used for short-midterm temporary signage
  • Repel water
  • Printed directly onto the material surface
  • Suitable for double sided print
  • Can be cut to shape
  • Easy to display and lightweight
  • Both offer cost effective options for advertising signs


How are Foamex and Correx® different?

  • Correx can be recycled in waste stream 5, however, Foamex cannot be recycled.
  • Foamex has a smooth surface, unlike the corrugated effect of Correx.
  • Correx is not flame retardant however Foamalite is fire retardant according to EN13501 (Please ask for specifications at time of enquiring as information may alter).
  • Foamex is a rigid material and although Correx® is a strong material it can easily be bent along the flutes.


Both Correx® and Foamex can be used for printing temporary signage and creating a wide variety of cost-effective temporary point-of-sale products.

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