What is Foamex? A simple guide

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What is Foamex?

Foam Polyvinyl Chloride (Foam PVC) is a light weight, smooth, durable, rigid white board. It is used by printers to create signage, retail promotional displays and marketing material, by either digitally or screen printing.

It is both easy to use and install. The sheets can be cut to any shape, size and drilled to create eye catching promotional signage and advertising display panels.

What is Foamex made of? And how is it made?

• Foamex is plastic sheets made from foam polyvinyl chloride, which undergoes a compression process to create rigid sheets. These sheets are then used by printers to create printed advertising materials.

Is Foamex the same as Foam board?

Yes, Foamex is a brand name, for PVC foam board also called Foam board, Foamalite and Forex. However, it is not to be confused with foam core or kappa board, which are made as a sandwich of paper with a lightweight foam centre for lightweight internal use only.

Can you cut Foamex? And how do you cut it?

Yes, you can cut Foamalite to shape. It can easily be custom shaped to suit your design or product. An example of this that is currently widely seen is selfie frames.

Here at Screenprint & Display we have specialist machines to cut the boards, however (with appropriate training) the sheets could be cut with a small saw blade.

Can you bend Foamex?

Foamex is a great product to create three-dimensional point of sale products and print. It can be heat creased, folded and bent to create shapes etc. This is particularly useful if you have a bespoke product that you require a sample board or display stand custom made for.

Is there a standard sheet size for Foamex?

1220mm (w) x 2440mm (L) is the standard sheet size (still commonly referred to in the trade as 8’ x 4’ sheet). Although other sizes are available these include 1220mm x 3050mm, 1560mm x 3050mm and 2050mm x 3050mm (10’ x 5’ sheet).

(Manufacturers tolerances apply to all sheet sizes approx. +/-5% on the width and +/- 10% on the length).

Can you print Foam board signs double sided?

Yes. The surface of foamex is the same on both sides are can easily be printed on both sides to make printed signage

Can foamex signs be A1 sized?

PVC foam signs can be printed at any size including A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0, as well as any variety of bespoke sizes.

Printing large quantities of Foamex Signs.

Foamex can be printed either by digital printing or traditional screen printing. Each job is individual, and so the best process needs to be chosen to get the most cost-effective way of printing large quantities of foamex signs

Can anyone do Foamex printing in Yorkshire? Who can print Foam board signs in Yorkshire?

Screenprint and Display Ltd have been printing Foamex in Yorkshire, for over 25 years, if you have any questions or would like any further information or advice please speak to our team.

Our factory and offices are based in Shires Bridge Mill (on the outskirts of Easingwold), just to the North of York.

Can anyone Screenprint Foamex in Yorkshire?

We have been Screen printing a variety of substrates including PVC foam board, Correx, Vinyl and Dibond for over quarter of a century. Based in the heart of North Yorkshire, just outside Easingwold, we supply print to the whole of the UK.

What thicknesses is Foamex available in? and what is the most used thicknesses?

The foam board is available in the following sizes; 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. The most popular choice for printing signage and point of sale material are 3mm and 6mm. (Manufacturers tolerances of +/- 5% apply to all thicknesses).

Can you recycle Foamex?

No unfortunately this product cannot currently be recycled. If you would prefer a recyclable product to produce your print on, please call our team for advice. The market is continually developing new products that allow you to reuse or recycle after use.

Is Foamex biodegradable?

No PVC foam board is not biodegradable. Please contact our team to discuss alternative products that may suit your requirements.

Is Foamex Waterproof?

Yes, exterior grade foam board repels water, making them suitable for outdoor use, therefore a great choice for rigid display panels & advertising boards.

Is Foamex fire retardant?

Foamalite is fire retardant according to EN13501

What is Foamex used for?

Foamex can be made into a wide variety of marketing point of sale products.

One of the main uses is short and mid-term printed signage for use both in and outdoor.

Some products foamboard is used to create include; advertising boards & plaques, showcards, selfie frames, standees, open and closed signs, header boards, stockist signs, hanging boards, advertising displays and marketing graphics for promotional campaigns.

How is Foamex delivered?

Depending on the size of the product that the Foamex is made into, will decide how it is transported. Most printed Foamex boards will be delivered on pallets but smaller signs, as they are light weight, can be dispatched on a courier service in parcels.

How is Foamex printed?

Pvc Foam board has a smooth surface so it can be printed directly on to. This can be done using digital printers in CMYK or it can be screen printed in pantone colours.

Where do I buy printed Foamex?

Call the team at Screenprint & Display, we’ve over 25 years’ experience printing and creating a wide variety of marketing & advertising products using Foamex, we’re happy to help and can offer advice and free quotations.

Can Foamex be custom printed?

Absolutely what ever your idea or design, simply send it through to our team and we can discuss the product you are creating and how best to print it. We’ve been working with businesses for years to help turn ideas into printed products.

Can you create large format foam PVC signs?

Yes, whilst there is a limit to the size of the individual boards that can be purchased, there is no limit to the size of the overall graphics created. The boards simply need to be joined when they are displayed, each panel can be printed with a small section of a large image an example of this is hoarding panels.

Can Foamex be used for outdoor signs?

Foamex is often used for indoor signage as it is both light weight and rigid and the exterior grade is suitable for outdoor use. Whilst a lot of outdoor advertising signs are printed on Correx, PVC Foam board is often chosen as it is rigid and offers a smooth finish. It is also more cost effective than using Dibond.

How is PVC foam board displayed or installed?

When a graphic is printed it can then be supplied with pre-drilled holes, ready for installation, allowing it to be screwed to walls, fences and posts easily.

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