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What does bunting mean and what is it?

Bunting is a string (tape) of lightweight small flags/pennants. These flags can be produced from a wide variety of media including fabric, paper, plastic and even printed on waterproof tear resistant material.

Bunting is often colourful and eyecatching and all the individual flags can be different, identical or a combination of both.

It has so many uses from decorating street parties, carnival floats, festivals and event stages to corporate branding and advertising in shops, stores, showrooms, and venues. It is used throughout the year for celebrations and festivities.

What is the purpose of bunting?

Bunting is used for decoration and it can also be used in marketing campaigns as a form of advertising and creating brand awareness.

What are the little triangular flags called? What size are the flags and how far apart should they be?

The triangular flags are called pennants, they can be any size and they can be as close or as far apart as you like. When printing pennants and creating custom printed bunting, the most requested sizes are A5 (148mm x 210mm). These flags are either triangular or rectangular as required and as a guideline we would place 3 pennants per metre. Our bunting is supplied in 2 standard lengths of 5m or 10m, although if you are making this yourself this could be any length to suit your requirements.

How do you hang bunting?

All the pennants are sewn to a tape (or string) which can then be tied in position as required. Although there are no right or wrong ways to hang bunting, some like to display it in patterns, criss-crossing around marquee poles and over aisles in retail environments, putting it in rows to cover venue ceilings or simply placing it around the edge of rooms, displays and windows.

What is the best material for bunting?

Traditionally bunting was created from a lightweight wollen fabric, however today there are many options available including having your designs printed onto waterproof tear resistant material. This is used throughout many industries on forecourts, in stores, shops and for outdoor events, festivals, fairs and shows.

Where to get custom printed marketing and branded bunting produced?

Call our team on 01347 823230 to discuss your requirements and provide quotes for printing branded or marketing bunting.