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1. Do not buy floor stickers without considering the type of flooring that the graphics will be adhering to.

Before you order any floor stickers, consider what surface they are to be used on. Do they need to adhere to carpet, tiles, wooden flooring, asphalt, concrete etc… This may mean you need to split your order over different floor stickers materials rather than just ordering all the same.

2. Do not assume indoor floor stickers can be used outdoors.

Indoor stickers are not suitable for outdoor use. Our outdoor stickers are printed on an aluminium foil based print media that is suitable for use on asphalt, concrete and brick. Our outdoor stickers are more expensive that the indoor ones, which may make it appear tempting to purchase the indoor stickers, however this is a mistake as it is the material that increases the cost and the material is specially designed for outdoor use. If you would like a sample of either indoor or outdoor floor graphic materials please contact our team.

3. Do not install floor stickers without cleaning the surfaces first.

Just because stickers are going to be walked all over does not mean that they will stick to surfaces that have not been cleaned first. Ensure areas are brushed clean, both indoors and outdoors, they need to be cleaned so that the surface is grime and oil free before applying the stickers, to ensure they can adhere correctly.

4. Do not guess the size. Measure the area where the stickers are going.

Please check the measurements of the floor area where you are wanting to place the stickers before ordering, you do not want to receive stickers that are far too big or too small.

5. Do not assume that because the custom floor stickers are waterproof means that they will stick to wet surfaces.

All floor stickers need to be stuck to totally dry surfaces; this is especially important with tarmac where water can be harboured in the gaps on the surface. Once the floor stickers are installed then it does not matter if it rains.

If you would like a quotation or any further information about the stickers or advice please contact our team: Email sally@screenprintanddisplay.com or call 01347 823230