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A simple guide to banners


What are vinyl banners used for?

Banners have multiple uses, from creating brand awareness, advertising stockists & products, to event promotion and awareness campaigns. They provide a versatile media for promotion.


What is the difference between a poster and a banner?

There are many similarities between banners and posters, they can both be used to advertise the same marketing messages, both can be printed on waterproof media suitable for outdoor use (although most posters are printed on paper) and they offer temporary advertising.

They are both printed on different material, our banners are printed on PVC, this is a flexible material, that can be hemmed and eyeletted making it easy to display, with cable ties / string etc. Outdoor posters are generally printed on polypropylene.

Banners tend to be larger and can be printed in all range of sizes from small e.g. for advertising s company logo through to extra large that can be used to cover whole walls etc.


What materials are used for banners?

PVC is used, however when extra large banners are required e.g. to cover buildings then a mesh is required, to allow the air to pass through.

What are the different sizes?

All our banners are custom printed so they can be produced in any size to suit your requirements. The most popular size of promotional banners that we are asked to print are 3m x 1m.


How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the size, shape and quantity that are required. Please contact our team on 01347 823 230 to discuss your requirements and get prices.


How long will they last?

Banners that are displayed outdoors, will be subject to a variety of weather conditions and therefore it is difficult to advise how long they will last. Designed as a temporary signage product, this type of signage is increasingly being used for longer, how long they can be used for before they start to deteriorate, will depend on where they are displayed and the wear and tear, they endure.


For further information or prices please speak to our team on 01347 823 230



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