Are vinyl stickers waterproof? Can vinyl stickers be washed?

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Waterproof vinyl stickers and cleaning tips

We are often asked the question can vinyl stickers get wet? The answer is yes. The self-adhesive vinyl used to create stickers is water resistant, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use (including damp and humid environments).

Can stickers be washed?

Stickers can be washed, the easiest way to clean a vinyl sticker is to wipe over the surface using a damp cloth or alternatively they could be hand washed.

Can they withstand pressure washing?

Below is a link to a video showing our vinyl stickers being washed with a pressure washer. We would recommend over laminating stickers that are going to be exposed to regular pressure washing as this gives an additional layer of protection to the ink on the surface of the sticker.

Can vinyl stickers go in the dishwasher?

The vinyl material we use to produce surface stickers has a service temperature range of -45 to + 80°C (if it is applied at a temperature of 10°C or above).

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