Footprint Stickers

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Footprint Stickers

Footprint floor stickers are a great way of creating easy to follow directional signage, at the same time as promoting your company or brand.

These floor stickers can be printed in a variety of designs from human footprints, shoe & boot markings to dinosaurs and animal paws or even claws! We print the floor stickers using your artwork, allowing you to be as creative as you like.

Indoor floor feet stickers are produced on vinyl with an anti-slip laminate applied after the design has been printed, whilst outdoor feet floor stickers are printed on a foil based print media, that adheres to concrete, asphalt and bricks. The designs are then custom cut to the required shapes.

Footprint stickers can be printed in different colours to aid navigation to different sections of events, fairs and buildings.

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Footprint Stickers

Custom printed floor footprint stickers, both indoor or outdoor stickers available, printed in all shapes, sizes and quantities.


Footprint Floor Stickers for Indoor use.

Each footprint sticker is 300mm in length and 125mm wide. For custom sizes please call our team for prices.

Prices are per pair of Indoor Floor Foot print Stickers (1 x left foot & 1 x right foot)

1-49 @ £6.85
50 @ £5.85
100 @ £3.98
200 @ £2.98
300 @ £2.75
400 @ £2.55
500 @ £2.48
500+? Call our team on 01347 823230

All prices are + VAT but include delivery to 1 UK mainland address

Please note minimum order value of £100 +vat

Footprint Floor Stickers for Outdoor use.

Call our team for custom outdoor floor sticker prices

Footprint and Paw Print Stickers
Quick Facts…

We print paw print and Footprint Floor Stickers
Stickers can be any size from large giant feet to small bunny prints
Footprint stickers are great for directional signage
Floor stickers are covered with an anti-slip laminate or printed on a foil based print media, the materials are different depending on the surfaces that they are required to adhere to.
We can print any quantity.
Fast turn around on our floor footprint stickers.
Our standard Footprint sticker templates can be supplied.
Great for use as directional signage to aid navigation around events and buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about our footprint, boot mark and paw print stickers? How to customize your own stickers? Or how quickly we could print it? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

1How many foot print designs can we have?

Unless we are printing paw stickers, a minimum of 2 designs will be required, one for the left foot and one for the right foot. There is no limit to the number of different designs.

2Are there any size restrictions for very large giant footprint stickers?

No there are no size restrictions but to have the sticker as a complete sticker (not made up of sections) it would need to be a maximum width of 1200mm.

3Is there a standard size for footprint floor stickers?

No, we can print any size but as a rough guideline approx. 300mm x 125mm.

4What Footprint and Paw Print shapes can your print?

We can print any custom shape from your design and artwork. This includes but isn't limited to small or large footprints, boot markings, paw prints for any animal i.e. dogs, cats, ducks or rabbit prints and even dinosaur feet. Please call our team on 01347 823230 to discuss your requirements further.

5Can footprint stickers be used outdoors on pavements?

We can print footprint stickers for use outdoors on surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, suitable for pavements etc.. However you would need to speak with our team to dicuss this further.

6Can footprint stickers be used to help wayfinding and directing delegates / attendees at conferences and events?

Footprint stickers are a great way to help your delegates find their way to different locations and events within a building. Often different colours are used to mark the way to different locations and therefore make it as easy as possible for attendees to follow. Footprints can also display different designs or sponsors logos for branding at seminars and events.

7Are the footprint stickers slippery?

Footprint stickers are printed on vinyl with an anti slip laminate over the top of the image.

8Is it easy to apply footprint floor stickers?

The floor surface needs to be clean and grease free and then the stickers can easily be applied.

9Where might you see footprint stickers being used for directional signage?

There are many possible places where these floor stickers could be used, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Conferences and event centres
  • Shows and exhibition halls
  • Trade fairs
  • Shopping Centres
  • Theatres
  • 10Can the footprint floor stickers be printed with 1m+ and my logo on them?

    Yes we can custom print the feet stickers with any message to suit your requirements. We have printed thousands of 2m footprints and can produce one metre plus.


    "We have been supplied quality Vinyl stickers by Screen Print and Display for at least 6 years. Our business started back in the early ‘00’s, and quite a number of other suppliers had been used until we tried Screen Print & Display. Since then we have not need to go anywhere else. Our stickers need to be tough, with a double lamination, and very adhesive, for submerge water use. We can highly recommend Screen Print & Display for quality products, customer service, and cost."
    Lance Mitchell

    “We give away free stickers with a large portion of orders made on the our website, so finding the cheapest price around without compromising on quality is really important to us. The team helped us place our sticker sheet order with ease and helped to guide us during the design and formatting process to make sure everything correct when it came to printing. Delivery was also quick considering the quantities we ordered! The quality of the stickers is fabulous and we’ve received some great feedback from our customers. Truly a 5* service.”
    Emily Abbott

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