Can you freeze stickers? Do stickers work in the cold?

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16th January 2023
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26th January 2023

Will vinyl stickers still work in freezing temperatures?

The weather has been so cold this weekend that it made me think, will stickers survive minus degree temperatures? How is the adhesive affected by the cold? Can you still apply stickers when it’s freezing?

Our printed vinyl stickers with a permanent self-adhesive (and gloss finish) can withstand a very wide range of temperatures, reaching as high as + 80°C (for up to 24 hours) and going as low as – 40°C. This broad range of temperature resistance allows them to be used in outdoor areas, including those that are subject to the cold weather or on items that are used in a freezer environment.

Is the adhesive affected by the cold and can you apply stickers when it’s freezing? The answer is you can’t apply them in freezing temperatures! The adhesive on the vinyl stickers needs to be applied to the surface that it will adhere to at a minimum temperature of +5°C. For the adhesive to reach full strength (and the sticker to become fully resistant) it needs to remain in this environment for a minimum of 24 hours before being subjected to below freezing temperatures. So, the stickers need to be applied before they become frozen.

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