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Day Glo, Fluorescent, Hi-vis or neon signs?

Whatever you choose to call them, you know that signs printed in fluorescent day glo inks are going to get your message noticed.

  • We’re specialists in printing dayglo signs made from corrugated correx plastic, foamex pvc, paper and cardboard.

  • Printed day glo signs are perfect for temporary roadside poster advertising signs, posters, placards and other highly eyecatching short term jobs.

  • We print hi viz yellow, orange, pink and green signs, often with contrasting black lettering for maximum impact

  • Outdoor advertising boards with fluorescent print were seen 75% sooner than boards printed in conventional colours, (according to research by the Day Glo Colour Corporation)

  • Hi viz fluorescent signs are even more noticeable in low light conditions. They are bold, memorable and very distinct.

  • We can print single or sided dayglow promotional signs and posters

  • Ask for a free sample, printed on waterproof, 100% recyclable correx plastic.

  • Massive sized Fluorescent Day glo printing up to 3m x1m in one piece!

  • We offer great trade rates for larger orders of fluorescent day glo printed signs

  • 1Useful information about Day glo signs

    Day glo signs are generally printed on to 4mm white correx, although we can produce them on Foamex or Dibond if required.

    It is the ink that is day glo, this is screen printed directly on to the surface of the material.

    There are various day glo ink colours available including; orange, pink, green and yellow.

    Signs printed in these bright colour inks are very eye catching and noticeable and are ideal for getting an advertising message noticed! For this reason they are often used to highlight discounts in stores and as roadside advertising for forthcoming events.

    Uses of Day Glo or High vis signs

  • Security signage
  • Road signs
  • Election boards
  • Warning signs
  • High impact signage
  • Sale Signage
  • Danger signs

  • In addition we also print reflective signage.

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    There are several factors that affect the Day glo sign prices including:

  • The dimensions of the signage
  • Print quantity
  • Shape
  • Complexity of artwork
  • Call our team to discuss your requirements & receive a quote.

    We can also help with standard sign size templates, as well as the preparation of your artwork.


    Our team are always happy to discuss your requirements, talk through ideas, offer advice and provide quotations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Want to find out more about custom printed day glo signs? How to customize your day glo and fluorescent signs? Or how quickly we could print them? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

    What is fluorescent coloured ink?

    ‘Fluorescent’ refers to a pigment that absorbs and reflects more light than conventional colours, resulting in brighter and more powerful shades.

    As you may already know, the spectrum of colours goes from invisible infrared rays to high-energy ultraviolet rays. Unlike some animals, the colours that humans can actually see are the ones in the middle of the colour spectrum range, as in a rainbow.

    All colours absorb daylight and re-emits a portion of the visible spectrum that matches its principal wavelength, and this is what you can see in your eyes. The ‘recipe’ of fluorescent colours include a larger amount of both the visible spectrum and the lower wavelengths compared to regular colours.

    They create the appearance of vivid strong colour by absorbing and converting light energy and wavelengths of ultraviolet rays and colours lower in the visible spectrum. As a result, your eye sees a far more intense colour than regular, flat colour.

    We provide the option of adding black to your printing allowing you to add depth and contrast to your design. A pop of black can serve to add detail, or be incorporated more fully in to the design, such as reversing black out of neon or vice versa. Have a few experiments with your design to see which combination of colours and coverage works best for you.

    Can you print day glo colours on reflective stickers and signs?

    Screenprint & Display can print day glo reflective stickers and signs. The day glo colours (orange, pink, green etc..) would be printed on to the white reflective material, all areas that are not covered by ink would reflect, any area with ink on would not.

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