Do you still need a GB sticker? Why do I need a GB sticker?

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There are a lot of questions following the UK's departure from the European Union. Not in the least, how it impacts travel. If you're planning on going abroad, you might be asking: do you still need a GB sticker? What GB sticker do I need for Europe? Why do I need a GB sticker? Does Brexit alter the rules and regulations regarding displaying GB stickers in Europe?

When travelling in Europe (any of the 27 countries), you should clearly display your country of ownership / registration or countries identity on the rear of your car, lorry, van, motorhome etc. Post-Brexit GB initials will need to be displayed.

In Spain, Malta and Cyprus clear GB identification should be displayed even if it is already on the number plate.

Travel outside of Europe requires GB stickers or clear identification.

Brexit may alter rules and regulations and we would recommend referring to the government website prior to travelling to check for the latest advice and legal requirements:

Where should the GB sticker be displayed?

The GB stickers need to be visible from behind the vehicle so they need to be stuck on the back bumper, window or boot of the vehicle.

If you'd like to get GB stickers printed ahead of your travel, please get in touch with our team.