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How to get your race event signage noticed!


Are you planning an outdoor event? Perhaps you’re organising a road race, triathlon, marathon, car rally or something similar.

If so, you need to ensure your event signs are visible by all the competitors – runners, walkers, cyclists, rally drivers, horse riders etc.

Your temporary race event signs need to stand out to other road users, to keep everyone safe.

At Screenprint and Display we have years of experience custom printing fluorescent Correx temporary signage for outdoor events.

We offer a choice of 4 fluorescent / day-glo colours, these are pink, orange, yellow and green. Each colour can be printed onto the surface of the white corrugated plastic boards, to create the base for your bright highly noticeable signage. The signs are usually printed with a single fluorescent colour and then have the race message/symbol/directions added in a contrasting solid black.

Correx is a lightweight, waterproof material making it an ideal choice for outdoor temporary signage. Once the boards are printed, they can be custom cut to any shape or size to suit individual event requirements e.g. directional arrows.


What type of event signage is printed with day-glo?

Event organisers throughout the UK, use a wide variety of different signs depending on the type of event and the mileage /KM covered.

Here are a few examples of signs we are frequently asked to print:

  • Directional, way-finding route arrows
  • Mileage & distance markers e.g. 5km, 10km, 1 mile, 10 mile etc.
  • Safety notices
  • Race in Progress
  • Caution Runners
  • Road closed notifications
  • Location signs and event direction signs e.g. car park, start, finish, toilets, registration etc…


Why is fluorescent ink more noticeable?

‘Fluorescent’ refers to a pigment that absorbs and reflects more light than conventional colours. This results in brighter and more powerful shades.


Call our team on 01347 823 230 for further information or race event sign prices.



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