How to apply stickers without bubbles?

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18th November 2021
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19th January 2022

How to apply stickers without bubbles

There is nothing more frustrating than finishing applying a new window sticker, only to find that it has lots of air bubbles trapped underneath, when you have finished (especially with large window stickers). So how do you stop this happening?

Firstly, it is important that the glass door or window is completely clean before you start applying the sticker. Use a suitable surface cleaner, to remove all traces of dust, grit, dirt and grease.

Secondly, apply a small amount of soapy water to the window or glass surface. Then remove the backing paper from the vinyl sticker and place the adhesive side of the sticker directly onto the water. The sticker can then be positioned where required.

Once in the desired place on the window, simply hold the middle of the sticker and using a squeegee gently brush outwards, forcing all the water out from underneath the vinyl. Repeat this process all over the sticker. Finally, wipe the surface dry with a cloth.

Then leave the sticker for a few hours, allowing it to completely dry out and providing time for the adhesive to work, resulting in a bubble free window sticker.

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