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How to measure for Bollard Covers?


Check out our sizing guide for your bollard covers

All you will need to measure your bollards is: a ruler or tape measure, a camera or note pad and pen.

Bollard covers or sleeves are a very simple and low cost way of creating eye catching temporary signs, that use existing street bollards as their support, and to keep them in place.

They’ve become a staple advertising opportunity for use on forecourts, footpaths, car parks and High Streets. They’re always placed in areas of high foot traffic, and to be found the length and breadth of the country.

The size and shape of the bollards that you wish to cover will vary from place to place, but most are of a similar height.

Now that you know that you’d like some covers producing, you need to work out what size you need.

The first consideration is whether you want triangular (Toblerone) 3 sided, or square 4 sided covers.

If you choose 3 sided, each panel will be wider than if you choose 4 sided, which gives you a wider area for your print artwork, due to the simple maths.
Have a look at the diagrams below; these are viewed from the top…birds eye view, and show why 3 is greater than 4!

As you’ll see, the diameter, or width of a circular bollards has quite an effect on how wide the panels of a 3 sided cover need to be.
With 4 sided covers, the width each of the 4 sides is very simple, if you want the cover to fit snugly.

Once you have measured and recorded the width of the bollard, then note down its height…this is often around a metre (100cm)

It doesn’t matter whether the bollards are steel, concrete or timber; they all provide a fantastic opportunity for you to use with your well printed, colourful bollard covers.


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