Knowing where to sit at sporting and event venues.

Custom Printed Floor Graphics and stickers
What are floor graphics?
4th November 2020
How to remove stickers and residue?
How do you remove stickers?
8th December 2020

With the lockdown easing and the return of the tier system, some sporting and event businesses are allowed to reopen with limited capacities. So how do you easily advise spectators and visitors where to sit?

In most stadiums, arenas, theatres and event venues the seating is a permanent fixture so removing some of them simply isn’t an option. The easiest solution therefore is to place a sticker or marker on each chair, clearly identifying which ones are available to be sat in and which ones need to be left vacant to comply with the UK governments social distancing guidelines.

There are various stickers available from a simple tick or cross design (which are just placed on every seat as required) to the ‘Please do not sit here’ stickers that can be placed on the chairs that need to be left empty.

All of our stickers are custom made so they can be printed to include company logos, event branding or sponsors details along with the do or don’t sit here message. Stickers are available in all shapes and sizes as required.

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