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If you’re looking for hard wearing printed stickers that are going to be used outside, and in all weathers, then screenprinting is the printing process of choice.

With the screenprint process, a liquid vinyl pvc formulated ink is printed through an artwork stencil directly onto the surface of a self adhesive vinyl As it dries, the solvents in the ink gently melt their way into the surface of the vinyl, resulting in the ink and the vinyl fusing together, to become one.

Once the ink is fully dried, it can withstand anything that the weather can throw at it. Tested to both high and freezing temperatures, the ink simply will not come off.

Because screenprinted stickers are so durable, they are perfect for the most rugged of work environments.

Screenprinted vinyl stickers are therefore ideal for labels, branding and logos for machinery, Plant hire equipment, power tools, portable accommodation and other similar end uses.

The process is also the most economical and suitable way of producing Hazchem, IMDG, Hazard Diamonds and other warning labelling for the chemical and associated transport industries.

If you have a need for budget vinyl labels or stickers of any description, size, quantity or shape drop us a line.

Established back in 1987, we have supplied millions of screenprinted vinyl stickers and labels to clients large and small throughout the UK.

We offer a complete end to end design and print service, and can help you with all of the technicalities of vinyl sticker screenprinting.

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