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Using stickers to maximise packaging marketing opportunities


  •  Are you utilising your packaging marketing opportunities?

  • Do you sell online?

  • Are your parcels sent out unbranded?

  • How can I make my packaging look good and more attractive?

  • How do I make a good unboxing experience?

  • How do you make packaging stand out?


With the continuous increase in online shopping and internet retailers now sending out large quantities of parcels daily, this is often a missed opportunity to connect with your customers? So how can stickers help?


Stickers for cardboard outer packaging

Many parcels are sent out in unbranded, plain cardboard boxes, whilst some products or customers may require plain clothes deliveries others are a missed branding opportunity.

If you send out various products from a range of brands, you may not want to hold large stocks of the different printed boxes, this is where stickers are great! Multiple designs can be printed and applied to the plain boxes as required. This is particularly useful if you want different promotions or seasonal messages displaying on the outer packaging.

The type of sticker and finish depends on your branding or promotion. Vinyl stickers can be produced in all shapes and sizes to suit the size of your packaging. They can be supplied with a matt of gloss finish.


Creating seals for your product or the gift wrap

Transparent and Metallic stickers are particularly popular for sealing boxes/products, gift bags or for use on gift wrap and tissue paper.

Many artisan companies chose to produce stickers to brand and seal their products, examples of this are candle companies, chocolatiers, bakeries, and jewellery.

Stickers printed with your brand logo are a simple way of reinforcing your brand identity and a well-designed sticker could be the first impression of your brand if the product is sent out directly as a gift.

Boutique clothing presented in gift boxes with tissue paper sealed with stickers is a popular example of how stickers can be used.


Giveaways within your packaging

Sticker sheets are a very popular giveaway for online retailers. The sheets allow retailers to include there branding/logos as individual kiss cut stickers, along with designs that relate to the product and the end user.

Each sticker sheet can be custom printed, at any size with any number of individually kiss cut custom shaped stickers, to suit your company or marketing campaign requirements.

Another great giveaway popular with up to the minute companies are branded stickers that can be applied to the products purchased or used as a decorative item, a popular example of this would be skateboarding companies, where the boarders can apply the sticker directly to the skateboard or can use it on bags etc….


Membership Stickers

If your organisation, charity or company is sending parcels out to members then this is a great opportunity to include a window sticker with your organisations branding or campaign message, that can be displayed by the receiver in their home, business or car windows.


Stickers for subscription boxes

With the increase in subscription boxes throughout online retailers, for a wide variety of products from craft gin to diet plans, boxes with meal ingredients and recipes, vegetable boxes, chocolatiers, make up, stationery boxes, book packs, art clubs, crafting and coffee deliveries, the list is endless.

By creating a series of packaging marketing stickers these can be used to brand the outside of the packaging throughout the months and provide a collectable giveaway to the recipient.


Saying thank you with stickers

It is always lovely thank your customers for their purchase. Printing the thank you on to a sticker allows you to add this to delivery note or place directly in the parcel as requested.


Reminder & diary stickers

If the product that is being sent out is something has a repeat purchase date or must be replaced every few weeks/months then sending diary reminder stickers out with your product is a great giveaway, that creates awareness of your brand and your website, each time ordering is required; an example of this would be pet healthcare products.


Where to buy stickers

Screenprint and Display Ltd have been printing  packaging marketing stickers for over 30 years. Our team based in Yorkshire are always happy to discuss your ideas and sticker requirements and advice on the best methods of printing the stickers. The range of stickers is vast including embossed stickers, gold / silver / metallic stickers, window stickers, sticker sheets, lapel stickers, transparent stickers etc… please look at our webpage for further information.


If you would like a quotation or any further information about the stickers or advice please contact our team: Email or call 01347 823230



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