We’ve created an off the shelf range of Social Distancing stickers and stencils!

Social Distancing 2m Floor Stencils
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5th May 2020
white arrow for one way stustem in blue circular floor sticker
Using Floor Markers to help guide customers around shops
27th May 2020

Here at Screenprint and Display we've produced a range of pre-designed off the shelf social distancing products to help businesses, schools etc.. to adhere to Social distancing guidelines when reopening and returning to work.

With every government update the coronavirus lockdown situation evolves and more of us return to work, as an increasing number of businesses reopen , it is important that social distancing guidelines are adhered to.

The team here at Screenprint and Display have been printing custom stickers, for businesses in all industries, over the past weeks. These stickers are used to highlight and mark out where people should stand, in stores and queues, ensuring the 2 metre guidelines are met. They can also be used to safely mark out lines of where to wait. In addition we have printed floor directional arrow stickers to aid in ensuring a safe flow of customers or staff throughout shops, buildings and venues.

The team have created a range of standard off the shelf designs, including indoor floor sticker, outdoor stickers and stencils, to make it easier and quicker for you to get your products. The range can be mixed and matched, making it ideal for smaller businesses, schools, colleges etc who don’t need large quantities of custom stickers.

So if you just need a handful of indoor social distancing floor stickers, a few 2 metre outdoor pavement stickers and some directional arrow stickers for your business then these can all be ordered simply.

In addition there is now a standard stencil design. This allows you to paint or spray the social distancing 2 metre message as required in your business premises.

To find out more about the range of products and the prices, please download the order form here.

Email sally@screenprintanddisplay.com or call 01347 823230