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What is a protest placard? How to get your message seen


How do you get your message seen?

The UK is currently in the middle of widespread industrial action, with strikes and protests affecting many industries and services throughout the nation.

Trade unions are working hard to negotiate better deals for their members, caused mainly by the need for increases in pay, due to growing inflation. As a result of this the country has seen an upsurge in protests and picket lines, as the union members go out on strike.

So how do you get your message seen & heard in a protest? The answer is protest boards, also known as placards. These boards allow your message to be seen on media coverage e.g. TV or newspaper and on social media coverage of events, when your voice can’t be heard.


What is a protest placard?

Placards are boards or signs that are handheld, with your message or image displayed on them. As printers we have produced many placards for demonstrations over the years.

We print the signs on either card or Correx (which is a light weight, waterproof material). The boards are printed with large text & messages, branding or designs as required. Multiple designs can be printed in one print run.

The boards are then fixed to a handle and dispatched throughout the UK ready for demonstrators to use.


How big is a protest placard? What are common placard sizes?

Protest boards can be printed in any shape and size as required; however, the most common size is A2.


How do you make a protest sign with a handle?

The boards are printed with the design and once cut to size the sign is fasten to a wooden holding handle, ready to be dispatched and used immediately. The boards can be handheld without a stick however the wooden handles make it easier.


How do you make a durable / sturdy placard / protest sign?

The placards can be printed on a variety of materials, but the Correx ones are more durable, as they can withstand the wet weather (Correx is typically used for estate agency signs throughout the UK).


Can the strike signs be printed double sided?

Handheld strike signs can printed and produced single or double sided. If these are handheld boards the material can be printed on both sides and for demonstrations signs that need a wooden handle, 2 boards would be printed and one fixed either side of the wooden handle.


Can you deliver to the site of a demonstration or protest?

We can deliver placards to addresses throughout the UK as required, please speak to our team for further information.


Speak to our team for further information, call us on 01347 823 230.


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