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What to include on a candidates marketing election signs


lady holding Liberal Democrat election marketing signs

Are you getting ready to produce your election candidate advertising boards? We’ve put together some of the things you need may like to consider including on your election marketing signs:

  • The name of the candidate or party you are supporting.
  • A clear and catchy slogan or message that summarizes your campaign platform or vision.
  • A logo or symbol that represents your party identity and clearly distinguishes you from your opponents.
  • A website or social media handle where voters can find more information about you and your policies.
  • A disclaimer that states who is funding or authorising the advertisement.

Some of the best practices for designing and displaying your election signs are:

  • Use contrasting colours and large fonts to make your signs stand out and easy to read.
  • Choose a simple and consistent design that matches your other campaign materials and reinforces your brand recognition.
  • Place your signs in strategic locations where they can reach your target audience and generate maximum exposure.
  • Follow the local regulations and guidelines for political advertising to avoid any legal issues or penalties.

Election campaign boards are frequently made from Correx board. Correx is lightweight, waterproof and can easily be hung. Plus, once the election is over the signs can be sent off for recycling.

For help creating your own election marketing signs, please contact our team. Call on 01347 823 230 or email


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