Why are outdoor floor stickers becoming unstuck?

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Should Floor Stickers work outside?

When wandering around the streets of our local city centre, it has been noticed that there is an increasing number of Floor Stickers starting to lift and become unstuck from the pavements, and even blowing around like litter. Why are the stickers lifting? Why aren’t the stickers adhering to the footpaths? What can we do to make sure Floor Stickers stay stuck to the pavement?

There are several reasons and things to consider as to why Floor Stickers may not be adhering to the streets and pavements.

Firstly, have the correct type of stickers been purchased for the surfaces which they are being used on? Have stickers specially designed and made for outdoor use, rather than indoor use, been purchased? Does the material specification of the stickers recommend sticking to the outdoor surface that the stickers have been stuck onto?

There are basically two types of Floor Stickers: Lower specification, lower cost ones for indoor use, and a higher specification, more expensive type especially designed for the printing of Floor Stickers and graphics for outdoor use. Before placing an order for outdoor stickers, it is important to check with your supplier that the stickers will adhere to concrete, tar, bitumen and paving flags. Ask for a specification sheet for the material, or request a sample piece of the material before ordering if you are unsure, and do tests to check that it will successfully adhere to the outdoor surface.

The stickers are suitable for the surface, but they still do not stick! Have the stickers been installed correctly?

Our advice would always be to request installation advice from your supplier or printer before putting your stickers in position outdoors. Our Outdoor Floor Stickers need to be installed in temperatures over 10 C. It is important that the surface is totally dry, not just dry to touch. Tarmac for example harbours water in small cavities in the surface so would need to be totally dry before applying.

Have the stickers been completely compressed to the texture of the street or pavement surface?

It is vital that as much of the sticker adhesive is in contact with the surface as possible, the surface must be completely clean of dust, grime, oil etc. The installation advice for Alumigraphics print media, which is what we use to produce pavement stickers suitable for asphalt and concrete, is to use a rubber roller, rubber mallet, or simply to stamp the floor sticker down, once it has been placed in position.

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