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Window Posters

We are specialist printers of custom printed Sale posters, window bills and all sorts of attention grabbing point of sale window displays.

From the early years of single colour screen print, we have printed window poster campaign promotions, our capability now includes a high impact, full colour CYMK poster production. We regularly print over-sized window point of sale posters for retailers and brands throughout the UK.

Our in house print finishing and despatch team are very experienced in collating, packing and distributing SALE and other POS campaign material to multi-outlet retailers and product manufacturers.

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Window Posters and printed window display graphics

Window posters and display graphics available in any shape and size, creating instant impact.


For prices please contact our team on 01347 823230.

Custom printed window posters
Quick Facts…

Window poster printing since 1987.
We print bespoke point of sale window posters and window graphics for retailers throughout the UK.
Our printed window posters and display graphics are available in heavyweight papers, card or plastic.
We print window posters in all sizes including A2, A1, A0, 60" x 40", double crown, double royal, 4 sheet or 6 sheet.
We screenprint window posters where high impact pantone matched colours are required. Screenprinted posters can't be beaten for richness and vibracy of colour.
Full colour large format inkjet digital printing for window posters with full colour on CMYK designs.
We print 1'000's of posters every year in either single sided or double sided formats.
Printed SALE posters a speciality!.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about custom printed window posters? How to customize your window posters? Or how quickly we could print them? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

1What are the window posters printed on?

These posters are normally printed on either poster paper or waterproof polyproplene dependent on the retail environment.

2Can you print double sided posters?

Double sided posters maximise promotional opportunities as they can be read from both inside and outside the store.

3Are there standard poster sizes?

We regularly print A2 (420mm x 594mm), A1 (594mm x 841mm) and A0 (841mm x 1189mm) sized posters. Although we can produce posters in any size you require. We can even print old imperial sized posters such as double royal (DR) which are 40" x 25", 40" x 30" and oversize 60" x 40" as well as any supersized posters.

4Can you print extra large posters?

Yes we can print large format posters and graphics, call us on 01347 823230 to discuss your requirements further.

5How are window posters attached to the window?

Window posters are often displayed using window suckers (we can supply these with your posters if required, please advise our team).

6The windows where I am wanting to display the window posters has a small amount of moisture from condensation, are the posters suitable for this environment?

We can print window posters that are waterproof, please advise our team when requesting a quote.


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