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Are car window stickers removable?


Are window stickers removable?

Car window stickers are printed on to vinyl and the material can be supplied with different adhesive properties. The material chosen will affect the ease of removability. We supply car stickers that are:

  • Permanent
  • Removable
  • Static Cling


Static Cling

What are static window clings? Stickers which are printed directly onto static cling vinyl will be easiest to remove, as the material has no adhesive. This makes them a great option for short term promotional campaigns that can be displayed on car windows and simply peeled off after use, without leaving any residue.



Car window stickers printed onto removable adhesive vinyl are a less permanent option, for short term use. The removable adhesive will stick to glass windows.



Many of the car window stickers we are asked to print are produced on permanent adhesive vinyl. This is a longer-term option and is used when the stickers do not need to be removed. Examples of popular uses of this type of sticker would be: radio stations, charities to advertise supporters, car dealerships etc.


Can you take stickers off a car window?

Although the adhesive is permanent, most stickers can be removed by softening the adhesive by gently applying heat. Any remaining residue can then be removed with a solvent.


Are car window stickers reusable?

All the stickers that we produce are printed on to vinyl material that is intended for single use.


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