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Are parking suspension signs easy to install?


Installing parking suspension signs, is it easy?  Yes is the answer, all of our range of temporary signs for outdoor use are simple to install. Parking suspension signs are often for very short term use (days or weeks) and are frequently used in town centres and market places, when local events are due to take place e.g. fairs, markets, parades, festivals etc..


The signs are printed on Correx, which is a lightweight corrugated material. There are two main types of parking suspension signs, either the single sided flat board or the three-sided wrap around board, both of which have multiple uses. The flat boards are better suited to use on fences and the wrap around signs are popular for use on lampposts (where all 3 sides are visible).


The signs can all be supplied either pre-drilled or eyeletted as required, meaning installing parking suspension signs is simple with the use of cable ties.


If you’d like any prices or further information please contact our team on 01347 823 230.

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