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Hoarding Boards: Frequently asked questions


What are hoarding boards and why are they used?

A hoarding is a temporary structure usually erected around the perimeter of residential or commercial construction sites and retail developments. These structures restrict access and assist in keeping people safe from the construction work, whilst also preventing people entering the site from a security point of view.

The temporary structures are often created using interlocking wooden panels, these can then have printed visual graphics fitted to them for the purpose of advertising, brand awareness & promotion.


What are hoarding boards made of?

Our panels are created by printing in full colour directly on to Dibond (aluminium composite material) sheets. Dibond is hard wearing, flat & smooth. It is easily fitted and installed onto the wooden structures.


How do you make a hoarding?

Hoardings are printed on multiple panels, each panel has a different graphic, these are then displayed side by side to create one large visual display.


What is the size of hoarding? How wide is a hoarding panel?

Hoardings can be created at any size required. The larger it is the more individual panels will need to be produced to create the overall graphic.

Dibond sheets are 8ft x 4ft (2438mm x 1219mm) so this is the maximum size of any individual panel, these can be reduced in size to suit the graphics.


How is a hoarding printed?

The panels are digitally printed directly onto the dibond substrate. Each panel is individually printed, these are numbered on the back to make it easier to display.


How long does it take to install a hoarding?

This all depends on the size of the overall design, the actual wooden structure would be created prior to adding the graphics, the panels are then fixed by screwing the dibond to the wooden frame in numerical order to create the final design.


What is the difference between a hoarding and a billboard?

Hoardings and billboards are similar in that they can both be used for advertising and displaying large visual graphics. The main difference is where they are positioned, hoardings are situated around construction sites to keep passers by safe, whereas billboards are located in prominent places, with high footfall or exposure opportunities e.g. Roadside locations or on large buildings.


What do hoardings advertise?

Hoarding panels provide a great visual sales & marketing opportunity and can be printed with any design and graphics including:

  • Advertising the forthcoming development e.g., new hotel coming soon
  • Sales and property letting messages on new build residential houses.
  • Directional signage to encourage visitors to the show home on large building sites.
  • Branding of the construction company or of brands that will be involved with the new site e.g. shop names on a new retail outlet
  • Simple decorative graphics to enhance the appearance of a site e.g. image of hedges and railings.


Why are holes made in hoardings?

Holes are often created on very large hoardings to reduce the air pressure between the two sides and allow the wind to pass through. These can be built into the design of the panels if required.


How much does a hoarding cost?

Call our team on 01347 823 230 to discuss your requirements and get prices.


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