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How do political candidates use election signs and other campaign materials to influence voters


Election boards and signs for Kevin Hollinrake

Election candidates use advertising and printed campaign signs to influence voters in various ways.

Some of the main objectives of political party & candidate advertising campaigns are:

  • To persuade citizens that their candidate or party is preferable to the alternatives.
  • To mobilise like-minded supporters to get out to the polls and cast a ballot for their candidate.
  • To acquire personal information from citizens, so they can target them with more effective messages.
  • To build name recognition, highlight important issues, and call attention to the shortcomings of their opponents.

Political advertising can take many forms, such as leaflets, posters, roadside advertising Correx election boards, campaign signs, billboards, social media posts, videos, podcasts, etc.

Different rules and regulations apply to different types of promotional material, depending on their content and who publishes them, therefore please check this before printing.  For example some sign boards are required to have an imprint of the printing company or the person responsible for producing the signs displayed clearly.

Political advertising can have a significant impact on the outcome of an election. It can shape the narrative surrounding political discourse, sway public opinion, and increase voter turnout. However, political advertising also faces some challenges, such as:

  • The risk of being misleading, false, or defamatory, which could result in legal consequences or public backlash.
  • The difficulty of reaching a diverse and fragmented audience, especially in the age of digital media and information overload
  • The ethical and moral implications of using personal data and psychological techniques to manipulate voters.

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