How much does it cost to print custom stickers?

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Custom made sticker prices

Whether you are planning a large giveaway marketing campaign or simply looking for branded stickers to seal packaging, it is important to know how much your printed stickers are going to cost, to plan it into your marketing budget.

So just how much will my stickers cost?

There are lots of factors to consider, that will affect the price you pay for your stickers. Detailed below are some of the factors that will influence sticker prices and things to consider before ordering that may keep the unit costs down.

What type of stickers are required?

What type of stickers you require will have an impact on the cost. The most cost-effective options are often the white self-adhesive vinyl stickers printed in any colour. When you start adding metallic foils, printing in white ink, fluorescent / day glo, laminating or creating double sided stickers the price will increase, as there are higher material, print and/or labour costs involved.

Specialist sticker materials, such as the alumigraphics used to print outdoor stickers that adhere to specific surfaces e.g concrete or asphalt, will cost more.

Will the choice of adhesive affect sticker prices?

There are several types of adhesive available for stickers, is this something you need to consider when printing stickers? The answer is yes. Whilst the most popular choice for sticker adhesive is permanent adhesive, should you require a high tack adhesive (often used for plant equipment or machinery) the cost of the stickers will increase, by how much depends on the other factors like the overall size and quantity of stickers required.

Adhesive is also something to consider when printing window stickers. There are 3 options available, permanent adhesive, removable adhesive or static cling (where there is no adhesive on the stickers), the static cling option is a more expensive product than the other two options.

Does the size of my custom stickers alter the cost?

Absolutely, a sticker that is 4000mm in length by 1000mm wide is going to cost more than a 20mm x 20mm sticker. Although this is an extreme example, decreasing the overall size of your stickers can alter the price, making them cheaper for you.

How many?

How many stickers you require will affect the overall price of your custom printed stickers. With large quantities comes economies of scale, the overall cost will increase but the unit cost of each sticker will reduce making them cheaper to buy. For this reason, it is worth considering the quantity you require and if you are ordering only 1 months stock is it worth ordering double or even more to reduce your unit costs.

Here at Screenprint & Display we have different methods of printing stickers and our estimating team will choose the most cost-effective method of production when quoting.

How many stickers do you require on a sticker sheet?

This applies mainly to sticker sheets, the number of individual stickers that are required to be kiss cut on each sheet will affect the price, as the number of stickers increases so will the cost.

What if the stickers are laminated?

Unlaminated stickers will be cheaper than laminated stickers. Why? The increase is simply due to the increased cost of an additional layer of material (the gloss, matt or anti-slip laminate), along with the time, processes and labour involved in adding the layer to the stickers

So how much will my stickers cost?

If you would like a quotation or any further information or advice please contact our team: Email or call 01347 823230.