How to apply a double sided sticker

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Double sided stickers are normally used on windows or glass surfaces, as the image is printed on both faces and can be viewed from inside and outside. Once the stickers are printed, how do you apply these?

As with all stickers it is really important to ensure that the surface that the sticker will be applied to is clean and grease free. Before starting clean the area with a soap and water solution, and wipe dry with a lint free cloth, don’t be tempted to use an off the shelf cleaning product as they may contain residues. Ensure the surface is totally dry and the temperature of the surface is not too hot or too cold.

Decide on the exact position of your double-sided sticker, you can measure this before you begin to be exact. Then gently peel back a corner of the backing paper, to reveal the image that will be viewed through the glass. Gently position this small section of the sticker on the window and using a squeegee, or soft cloth, to rub over the surface ensuring the sticker adheres to the glass and removing any air bubbles. Repeat this process, working across the sticker, as you gently peel off the remainder of the backing paper.

The result is a double-sided sticker that can be viewed from both sides.

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