How to implement Social Distancing measures with the reopening of pubs and the hospitality industry.

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How to implement Social Distancing measures with the reopening of Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants and Hospitality Industry.

As pubs, restaurants, bars, cafes, takeaways, hotels and leisure venues all get closer to a reopening date, venues need to start to consider and plan how to implement social distancing.

When the retail sector opened their doors on the 15th June 2020, stores had to consider the flow of customers around premises from the moment they were approaching the store. This meant thinking about how many customers could be inside a venue at any one time, advising customers with posters and stickers that this is the case and having adequately spaced outdoor floor stickers on the pavements etc. outside should people be required to queue.

There are lots of options for items that can be used to assist you once inside a pub, hotel or restaurant from floor markers for where to stand to wait to be served or showcards for the tables. Below are details of some of the products that we produce that may be useful and help with highlighting your social distancing procedures.

Indoor floor stickers and footprints

Make sure your customers can see where to wait, whether this is queuing safely adhering to 1m+ / 2m to wait to seated in restaurants or cafes or if they have clearly marked places where to stand to wait to be served at the bar in pubs. The majority of indoor floor stickers are circular and 300mm in diameter, but they are available in any shape and size to suit your requirements. All stickers can be printed with personalised messages and your branding or hotel/ pub / restaurant or pub logo. Floor stickers are also available in footprint shapes.

For pubs or restaurants with more traditional stone flooring the outdoor stickers may be more suitable as they adhere to concrete, brick, tiles and asphalt.


Stencils can be supplied to spray paint your social distancing messages, but this is a more permanent option possible more suited to outdoor use.


Strutted show cards displayed on tables, counters and bars can be used to advise customers of any changes to ordering or service procedures within pubs, beer gardens, hotels and restaurants. These are a good idea where restaurants or hotels are now offering a table service for drinks and food that may previously have required customers to go to order at the bar or to highlight any items that are self service.

Hand wash stickers

Vinyl hand wash stickers are waterproof and can be displayed above sinks throughout venues, in cloakrooms, toilets and kitchens.

Hand Sanitizing stations

Branded hand sanitising stations can be printed and displayed at entrances to your venues, hotels and tourist attractions to ensure visitors sanitise their hands on entry and as required throughout their visit.

Sneeze guards

Branded sneeze guards are ideal to display at pay points / tills and ordering points within hospitality and leisure venues. The units are supplied flat packed and are easy to install. They are supplied with adhesive strips on the feet so can be secured in position if required.

Roller Banners

Roller banners are a great way of putting details of your procedures in a large format that can be placed on the entrance to buildings, making the information easily visible to all visitors. The roller banners can easily be moved to different positions within the building as required and are easy to install and remove as required.

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