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Our top 10 favourite floor stickers ever!


Here at Screenprint & Display we have printed floor stickers for years, listed below are a few of our favourite floor stickers. During the pandemic, this increased dramatically. At one point, nearly every call into the office was a request to print floor stickers for indoor and outdoor use!

We produce floor stickers on different materials, depending on the surfaces that they need to adhere to (including tiles, wooden flooring, carpet, asphalt and concrete).

Stickers are so versatile and they can be used to bring to life otherwise under utilised marketing space.

Here are a few examples of some of our favourite floor sticker designs:

  • Augmented reality floor stickers – These floor stickers were used on board ferries, to create an interactive trail for children. Each sticker was numbered and once you find each sticker, simply point the app on your phone at the floor sticker, to bring them to life.
  • Urban rug – One of our favourite uses of floor stickers was this urban rug, so simple but so effective. A large number of outdoor pavement stickers were printed, in several colours. The stickers were then carefully positioned on the pavement, creating a really large outdoor rug to brighten up this city centre and form the base for an outdoor seating area.
  • Giant footprint stickers – This was a great advertising idea, using enormous foot print stickers to mark out directions and advertise Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime.
  • X marks the spot – An eye-catching design to advertise playing bingo with a pirate theme.
  • Clipper round the world – The Race of Your Life stickers – It’s the simple brightly coloured design and branding used on these large sized floor stickers that makes them noticeable. The stickers needed to be easily removed as they were only to be used for a short time scale, during the event.
  • Star floor stickers – Why not use floor stickers to create your own Hollywood style walk of fame? Stickers can be printed with the same or different designs to suit your requirements.
  • Paw prints – We are often asked to produce floor stickers in animal paw / footprints and even dinosaurs footprint shapes.
  • Social distancing stickers – were often printed with keep 2m apart, but we did see such a wide range of designs. We loved the seagull design, it was bright and colourful making it stand out.
  • The mermaid experience – incorporated the stay in your bubbles into their theme/branding well.
  •  Floor stickers – are often used for wayfinding and directional signage around buildings, conferences, and events as shown in this indoor floor sticker.


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